9 months ago

Currently having an issue… will update as soon as I get one. I don't like the idea of this site still being able to advertise on websites. I am not sure which one it was this time, but am terribly disturbed that they are allowed to still do this.
Site still down and I ordered March 31st. still waiting..but in mean time have asked for refund.

Today May 5 is the day of asking for the refund. I have dealt with Hong Kong dealers before and never have I had to wait longer than 30 days. I have had as little of wait time as 15 days. so something wrong with this one.


10 months ago

Just would like to add that I got my money back through PayPal. The link to their site changes; very dubious. Please just stay away from the site. Don't be a scam victim.


10 months ago

best website ever
i order and got it after4 days
perfect masks
thanks to all the people there


10 months ago

This company is a scam. the website is nowhere to be found.


10 months ago

This is a scam. Beware.


10 months ago

Order placed on 24 February, still not received, tracking number received 4 weeks ago still not verifiable… that's a just a scam !
All my other orders placed later from USA, Japan and China has been received already there is two weeks for the last, that's not a problem of delivery. The domain name is too recent, I thought to check it just after placed my order.
Kelvin also on scamdoc dot com wrote he didn't received it.

Update 9 April : received refund from Paypal after my complaint of 31 March, even if this guy wrote me in response :
"we have shipped your big order and you try to scam us?
yoou know that items on the way!
shame on you" 馃ぃ

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