10 months ago

Was one of the best socializing and dating websites around at one point. Don't listen to the other idi*ts that never got anywhere with the opposite gender with their reviews below. Listen to the true reviews. It's a shame that it is not used by anyone really anymore as Facebook killed it off sadly. My only disappointment with the website creators is that they charge for cool tools and I think possibly charged once before to even create a profile. Please bring back Faceparty though. It was where I met my once Fianc茅e and met another ex.


2 years ago

Are you a dirty, narrow-minded pleb?
Do you respect women as often as you take showers?
Do you openly flash your privates to steal money from men?

Faceparty is the cesspool of all dating websites, where the lowest of the low from all across the world can gather to truly express their inner pervert.
No need to worry about rules and bans, the Faceparty team are dedicated to maintaining the lowest of standards. Ensuring that the lewdest of pictures and most depraved profile comments remain intact!
If you're the type that looks for quality, loyalty and integrity from people, THEN YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE, BY FAR! The lovely people at Faceparty and it's members will happily tell you to F*** OFF!

So if you're scum and want to mingle with more scum, join Faceparty TODAY!

…Seriously, do it, so the rest of us decent people never have to deal with you again!!!


10 years ago

Back in and around 2006, I remember visiting a website named 'www.faceparty.com'.
It was free to register and had many hits, with good traffic and a nice lay-out, it was easy to find yourself.

Although now, it has all changed.

It seems as if a team of iliterate teenagers, trying their luck and hastily wanting money from their visitors.

Now with a flat-rate charge of 拢25 to receive a password for the site and mutiple other charges, such as 'Rehab', where they offer people with 'addiction' to 'www.faceparty.com' to pay 拢1.50. With this, you will be banned from your profile for three hours, in order to "BUY THE TIME to finish your coursework".

They tell you a little bit about where your money goes, in a section named –

" Maybe we'll buy fleets of Rolls Royces. Maybe we'll organise some kick-ass parties. Maybe we'll buy more drugs …to $#*! you up, so we can fleece you in Rehab. "

On top of this, they offer you the chance to 'donate'.
Quoting from the website;

" Our members need stupidity to feed their hungry brains a happy head is way more important than a happy stomach. We'll send you loads of pot noodles or summink …the second u realise our charity's exactly the same as urs just cravin' a different kinda food. We don't always have enuff cash to make ze brain-cakes our hungry members are begging for …so we need ur help to sort that oot! "

I think that 'www.faceparty.com' is a complete liability and not to be trusted. It is very clear that they are only here to 'fleece' you out of as much money as possible. I suspect that they do not care as to whether their website sucseeds or fails.

I only hope that the people using this website wise-up and step away from these robbers.



11 years ago

To comments so far, no it is not a porn site. I loved the networking, but then they cleaned up and denied me access based on my age. I have never harrassed anybody, never accused anybody, I actually found a very nice girlriend for me here, but she also has been kicked out more or less. When they changed security I was basically told just because of my age I was a dirty old bastard. They could never back it up. This site discriminates people!!!!


11 years ago


Its not a porn site.

Its a networking site, where you can meet people from all over.

The makers organise private parties but only members of the site get an invite.

Unfortunatly they had to close membership because a small minority of people were using it to mislead young-adults. So you can only join If your aged between 16 – 30. Its invite on invitation only, from someone already on the site, or pay to get in.

Overall I love this site! its so cool, and easy going! not to be compared with your typical social networking site!

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