2 months ago

I really like this app because it helped me see what my ending results looked like before I even had my surgery.


5 months ago

I couldn't really use it. I thought that it would show me what different chin implants would look like but they just have you use your finger to draw on the face. I have no idea what chin implants sizes and shapes are available. I know that there are only a few for the surgeons to choose from. I was hoping Website could show me what an actual chin implant would look like on my face. I'm no artist there's no way I could draw that my picture. How can I draw waiting to be her chin implant would look like? I can't.


6 months ago

The app is so easy to use! Not intimidating at all thankfully since it's not the most comfortable thing.


7 months ago

This app has been really easy to use and gave me a great idea of whey my results will be post my surgery.


1 year ago

I love the idea of this app, and the tools you have are convenient, but is kind of hard to use to create a look that doesn't look alien. Lol.


1 year ago

Got the general idea across but it made the nostrils look like slits and morphed the face in a scary way if you tried to make the nose smaller.


9 years ago

Total con, no trial period, just asks for money before you can do anything with it, obviously got something to hide?

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