3 years ago

I saw this sweet story about the Robertson's – from Duck Dynasty – and the problems they've had with the men's beards. They interviewed all the men and talked about how they had to keep the beards for the show, but it caused a lot of skin rashes. It went on to say that Kay had put together different natural products and both the women and the men used them. They had pictures of the women and of Willy's daughter talking about how the "Suisse Serum" solved all their skin problems. That is the only reason I ordered it. I thought clearly they have enough money….they certainly don't need to scam anyone….and why not give it a shot? It was advertised as a Trial Sample with only the need to pay shipping of $4.95. At the end there was an add-on option of $4.94 for the eye cream. I didn't see where to decline it (should have been the first clue…) so I just went ahead and ordered it. It came quickly. It was o.k. but not as good as my Oil of Olay regenerist. Today I got a fraud alert from my credit card company asking if I had ordered anything from DIFIDPROTECT for $89.42. When I went to look at my statement, I saw another one from "Oman Media LLC" for $90. I was shocked. I didn't know what was going on so I called my credit card company and subsequently called the number for Suisse Serum given to me by my credit card company. I was told by the woman I would be taken to collections if I didn't pay it. I called back my cc company, told them I dispute it, changed my card number and told "Suisse" I would be starting a class action lawsuit against them for the scam.

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