1 year ago

Perfect store and really like the vision. Awesome clothes!


2 years ago

Top brand!! finally something real! FITS PERFECT


3 years ago

Da yes very cool technoe gear! Da Da Da! DAS ES COOL!


3 years ago

In my opinion best store for techno clothing! Quality of the snapback cap is on point, ordered at other techno stores first but quality does not come close to this one. Furthermore fast delivery, amazing customer service and all in all just a really fresh young business, love the vibes that you spread and can't wait for more of this Fack It stuff to come. Keep it up!


4 years ago

5 stars!!!! If there is 10 i will give 11 stars to Fackit store!!!! 😀 i am really happy to have your stuff!!! Big support from me!!!! FACKIT Loveit!!!!!!!

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