2 weeks ago

I watched an advertisement for these awesome robots . So i bought 3 of them. They arrived after xmass and when i open the package i could have got these at a store for 20 bucks. Totally false advertising . Not even close to the video.This company is ripping people off . Shame on them.SCAM SCAM


2 months ago

Scam Scam Scam… I placed an order for the High-Tech intelligent robot with the understanding that it stated it will arrive by 12/19/2020 with the order placed on 12/07/2020 and standard shipping. I ordered with expedited shipping to make sure that it would arrive by 19th. The item showed 42 in stock at time of order and today it still shows 42 in stock. I could not get through to support by email, un-deliverable, and keeps coming back with an issue. can not get through by phone and on the website states the order in process and it is 12/18/2020. This is complete Lies, they take your money and won't ship your item even when you pay extra to get it expedited. Beware and do not purchase from this site it does not have customer support…

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