1 year ago

In all sincerity this game is awesome and when you notice yourself blinking, 4 hours would have passed…
it is so satisfactory to, after you build the first rocket, look back and see all you have built. Then, oh ya, and then… "waste" another month+ playing the damn thing because its so good and it is your life now.

You took my life! So i took you a star!


2 years ago

Great site, great game.


4 years ago

It's one of the best developers in the world and the game is awesome. Love the friday updates.


6 years ago

This is the official site for the Factorio game.

This game is amazing and if you like to plan and maintain systems then I would highly recommend it.

The site is trustworthy and secure as I bought my copy of the game though their on-line purchase system.

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