8 months ago

Great company, excellent customer service and have never had any issues. Often throw in some freebies too so no complaints here. Love the new Destiny, thanks guys!


8 months ago

Upgraded my order to express free of charge during covid-19 and got here much quicker than expected.


10 months ago

Delivered from Tas to QLD in less than 24 hours!


1 year ago

Scammers! Ordered protein from their shop on ebay and they marked it as shipped next day. After 3 weeks item still have not arrived. Shop does no reply to any messages, no tracking info is available too. As the result Ebay Anti Fraud Team stepped in and investigation their activity. Stay away from those scammers!


2 years ago

Avoid this company, order from iherb. That's what they will do anyway.

Avoid this company. They tell you the products are in Australia, then the postage takes 3 weeks (when you checked out with express postage).

You'll get told that 'oh they posted it to the wrong place, we're sorry, they are now posting it to you'. Only to later recieve a package from iherb with absolutely no indication of it being 'reposted' from anywhere.

So you may aswell goto iherb yourself and buy the products cheaper.

The seller then will lie to ebay about simply taking your money and ordering the produt to you from iherb so ebay takes your feedback down which was there to protect other buyers.

But not before attempting to bribe you to remove your feedback for a refund. Plus another email direct from the company not through ebay offering a refund for the 'inconvienience' which in the end is bs because after they lie to ebay about your feedback and it's taken down you realize what you suspected, that they are lying (once again) after you reply back to see if it's legit.

Avoid, order anywhere else. Maybe even iherb, that's where their products are being posted from anyway.

Good thing reviews on google are much more visible than ebay feedback.

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