2 months ago

Faded Servers is by far the most kind and amazing Server Host I have used thus far!

I have used other hosts such as: Game Servers, Streamline-Servers, Crident, Vultr, Mixml, and a few more.

I keep coming back to Faded Servers due to their ongoing support in trying to give me the perfect server and experience myself as a customer could have. Configuring servers to fit my need and also offering me support when ever I need it via the website or their DISCORD live chats.

First time I used Faded Servers was on a gmod game server when they first released their hosting company after the success of their Server Community and from that day I have had coupons and the best support when being a customer.

Even without coupons they are among the best quality for the price with competitors barely being better prices for the same quality.

But, what I am always interested in is the Dedicated Servers, these guys do Dedicated right, giving you full control, ability to add your own OS, or even configure. They never cease to amaze me with their flexibility and it is why to this day I keep going back to these guy.

I really do whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone in the market for powerful servers!

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