3 months ago

It has taken 3 days to create a FAFSA ID! What! How is that even possable! At evey turn there are issues! It won't recognize my email! It won't recognize my High School! It won't recognize my SS#! When you call they say just hit next and it should work… ummm nope it doen't then they say we are experiencing technecal difficulties try again later. I could possible believe this but there are 5 older siblings in my family and all have had lots of issues with this horrible site. I would not even fill this out if I didn't have to for my Regents Scholorship! Worst run site ever!


1 year ago

They are helpful only when it comes to providing Financial Aid, however it takes forever to fill out an annual form on the website due to the fact that there site is unreliable, time consuming and is difficult to maneuver around.


3 years ago

As Good as can get for online. This can be very helpful with the end results but getting to the end results are a struggle.


9 years ago

Regarding web address "www.fafsa.com" the site mimics the legitimate site used by college students in the United States of America seeking to determine their eligibility for federal student financial aid (www.fafsa.ed.gov). I discovered the site inadvertently when my daughter asked for my credit card information after having entered ALL of our personal information on this site (socials, birth dates, income, etc.) – she entered the site following a google search for "fafsa." I attempted to back out of the site, page by page, in an effort to erase our personal information and was only partially successful. I can only imagine the multitude of folks that, unknowingly, have entered this website; it uses a similar URL address and the forms are very nearly identical to the legitimate site. Please be aware of this site. Also, if any person reading this knows of a better means to report this site, please feel free to use all or part of this message in doing so. My name is Randy; I live in Southern California and I can be contacted by email at [email protected]


9 years ago

I don't know if the financial aid dept is aware of this. But, it would be great if someone would post alerts about this website:


Like MOST college students, I am in a hurry and everything is done at the last minute. Let me add, I am a struggling mother of two as well. So, I typed "fasfa" in the Google search field (http://www.google.com/). The first thing that popped up was: www.fasfa.com. After several unsuccessful attempts to login, I called them. I should have known something was up when they answered on a Saturday evening. After giving her my SS#, first & last name & e-mail address, she tells me about how they are a company that I can pay $99 to look over my fasfa. AGAIN —–> STRUGGLING COLLEGE STUDENT! The main problem GOOGLE has this joke of a site listed as the FIRST option when someone is looking for the fasfa.

Now this company has my e-mail address & my ss#.

Please share this with higher ups!



11 years ago

gives the impression it is a school financial aid site for higher education, but you don't realize your in a for profit form filer until its too late. why would a person pay $79.00 to fill out a form that is free. your trying to get financial aid, why would you want to pay. they need to change site address, make it clearer.

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