1 week ago

P2P lending startup based in Republic of Moldova. I have invested in the platform, i can oversee the loans that my investment is funding and control whom i fund based on information about the loans. Highly recommend the platform.


9 months ago

I have been using Fagura as an investor since its inception. I was mainly attracted by the concept of p2p lending, the idea of securely lending to peers with minimal actors in the process. Allows control of both risk and money by using manual or configurable auto invest. Being myself a CFD investor and also a crypto HODLER for some years now, this seems like a great way to diversify my investment portfolio.


10 months ago

Easy and smart platform. Very comfortable for those who don't want to go out or make all the payments online. Also a very nice possibility to invest.


1 year ago

Great team and very responsive tech support. Intuitive menu.


1 year ago

The information was presented in a simple way and it was easy to find.
All process statuses we're communicated and I knew at each step where I am and how much time is needed to finish the application.
All over a great experience.

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