6 years ago

Do not send you books to these characters, they are terribly nasty people and obviously dishonest since I never received payment.of $68 quoted to me.
I gave them the benefit of the doubt in the beginning and gave them a month before I even emailed them….. no response to my email. Then I emailed them in another 2 weeks, no response. That went on for about three months and I finally got sick of it and told them that I intended to let people online know what type of business they are and then I FINALLY got a response from them.. They
said that they don't respond to 'threats'……well, obviously they do and did, but that was all I ever got from them , because I NEVER RECEIVED MY MONEY.
I looked them up on Google Maps and they are operating out of their home near a college so they are probably selling the books to students there. They made 100 percent profit on mine!!

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