FairCar Iceland

1 year ago

I would like to warn you about hiring a car/camper with Faircar.
Firstly, the customer service is extremely poor. We were not met upon our arrival at the time and had to wait 1 hour at the airport and the personel was extremely grumpy for " having to work that late"
Due to our flight time being changed we arrived at 18u30, past the opening hours. Although i notified them 2 days in advance, we were still charged a 50euro after hours fee and on top of that a 50 euro amendment fee!! The camper we hired did not have the radio/usb port as discribed in the specifications so we had to listen to iceland radio for a whole week 🙁
After we returned the car I was charged an additional 2 x 60euros without any communication. I had to email them and wait a week for a reply to know what the charges were. They were for not paying a toll fee that was only 10euros and an additional 50euros processing fee for the 2 toll-fee's we did not pay. An outrages amount of 100 euros for processing a simple fee.
So just be very carefull to read their terms and conditions because you will get suprise charges, for us this was a total of 200 euros.
Booking a cheap budget camper ended up costing us a whole lot more than we anticipated. My advice is to go with another supplier.


1 year ago

Absolutely to recommend.
I have used this car rental for many years and many times each year now and have absolutely nothing to complain about.
Maybe they don鈥檛 always have brand new cars, but the price is very responsible to.
The staff is friendly and helpful.


1 year ago

Horrible!! First the rental guy didn't show up at the airport, afterwards they made us pay a extra 100 euros because he pretended he was waiting for me and i wasn't there. Absolute nonsense!! Then we got a very old car with high mileage, when we brought the car back they were giving it a brief look telling us everything was ok. But surprise surprise, 2 months later they were steeling 1297 euros from our blocked MasterCard via an illegal terminal pretending we had caused damage on the car. We contacted a lawyer, MasterCard and the European consumer protection in order to get our money back. Stay away from these criminals!!!


1 year ago

Same problems as the people before mentioned. Additional costs which are not further explained, handover at drop-off refused (so they can charge you without detailed evidence), front lights of the car broken/impossible to use during night time (life in danger!). IMO this is straight financial criminal activity conducted here. Hope somehow Icelandic authorities and peers can be made aware of this company.


1 year ago

WOW. I have rented dozens of car over the last 50 years and never have had this experience. Reading the prior reviews now, which I should have done to begin with, I see the same thing happening to me that has happened to others.

First we showed up late and was assessed $100 US, as a late charge. Now reviewing the booking information, there is no reference to a late charge and it even states open 24/7 and no charge. Since we had no options and needed the car and under duress I agreed to the charge.

Now the second situation, a week after I get home I am sent a charge for about $200 US. for a small dent, which I can not see in the picture and a hairline crack in the tail light. This is on a very old car with 272,000 kilometers on it.

So if you read through these reviews, you will see the same pattern.


1 year ago

Do NOT use this company. They have old, unsafe cars and even the GPS was broken, They charge your credit card for insurance and then it is a scam that they charge for cleaning fees.


1 year ago

Hired a car in March, it broke down (fanbelt snapped) and we had to be rescued. Missed flights, had to pay rebooking and accommodation. Then get charged EUR700 two months later for 'repairs'. I contacted the garage that was attached to the claim and they confirmed that they did not repair the car. They didn't even INSPECT the car – the quote was prepared from photos. The rental agreement states we can submit disputes to the Icelandic Consumers Association and the Icelandic Travel Association, but they are not even members of the Association!!!
They do not bother to answer mails once they've got your money.
Save your cash – go elsewhere


1 year ago

Foolish me didn鈥檛 read the reviews before booking with this company. We hired a car during our stay in Iceland. We are experienced travellers and have rented many cars. Where to start…
At the airport we waited over an hour for someone to arrive and meet us. At the office, we were overwhelmed with the smell of paint that it actually made us light headed. We were not given the car we ordered, but took the Citigo they gave us. It was covered in dents and scratches which were identified on the form they gave us. When driving around we realised the window wipers didn鈥檛 work properly in wet, snowing conditions. I don鈥檛 think the tyres were snow tyres as requested. Also the drive belt screeched for most of our journey. On return the company did not inspect our car and rushed us to the airport not giving us time to request an inspection. We told them about the drive belt out of curtesy to the next drivers. We thought all was fine. However on our return we received pictures showing us a tiny dent on the boot. We have been charged 鈧?,130 for fixing a tiny dent! Because we paid for extra insurance they only charged us 鈧?00! This company is unethical. We have no proof that we caused this dent. I also doubt they have actually fixed it as the car was already covered in dents and scratches. I assume they just take your money and pass the damaged car onto the next unsuspecting customer. Of course, I have no proof of this but I also have no proof that the repairs were carried out. My advice, is pay the extra and go with a well known car hire company.


1 year ago

Very unfair extra fees, hidden charges, don鈥檛 rent from this company. You will get very high amount of additional charge. very unprofessional and very very rude. They evencharge you for slight late pickup and they say it as a 'late pickup fee' even though you collect the car or return the car within the 'grace period.'
I would give them 0 Star if this zero rating was available. Stay away from these scammers.


1 year ago

AVOID this company.
As per cancellation policy they take 25% of the fee no mater what. This is a sign of a business model based not on providing good service, but to try to extract as much money as possible from unwary tourists. Unprofessional customer service. AVOID.


1 year ago

Like most other reviews please AVOID hiring a car from these guys. A week after we returned the car we were shocked by some charges by the car company. One was a 90 euro fee for dirty car fee which is ridiculous because we made sure that the car was as clean as we could possible make it without vacuuming and washing the interior.

Another fee was a 50 euro fee for providing my details to the authorities for a speeding fine…. I get that they need to provide these details which is fine but 50 euros to provide some details is straight daylight robbery.

Do not hire a car from these guys no matter how much cheaper it is.


1 year ago

We have rent a small car for five days to drive the South Coast.
The daily price was low and competitive, but the service provided was poor and they have tried to scam us.
They forgot picking us up from the airport and the car was in bad conditions, namely with unsafe winter tires.
They charged us extra 80 euros, because they insisted we had to provide a credit card only, which had to be in the name of the main driver and no other traveller.
When we returned the car, we took photos showing that it was in the same conditions, but after 3 weeks they claimed we had to pay an insane budget for new damages we are not responsible for and that we can not even see in their photos.
We had rented cars in many places before, but this company is desonest and not recommended.


1 year ago

just use another shop,
easy to broke down,suck up deposit.


2 years ago

Very bad. Don鈥檛 rent from this company. Will get very high amount of additional charge.


2 years ago

Along with many others on this website, I have found myself victim of a FairCar Iceland scam.

FairCar charged me a 'late pickup fee' even though I collected the car within the 'grace period.'

Furthermore, they charged me a cleaning fee for the vehicle after I got home from holiday.

The car which I received from Faircar was badly damaged when I initially picked it up and was covered in dents and scratches. I drove the car for 4 days and didn't add any extra damage to the vehicle and cleaned out the inside of the car before handing it back.

I can't understand where these extra charges are coming from, especially when they didn't highlight extra charges to me at the time of pickup or at the time of handing the car back.

I am furious about the fraud which FairCar have committed against me and the other customers here and I will do everything in my power to get my money back.


2 years ago

SCAM ARTISTS. They gave me a car that had issues that would make it stall in the road. The office was closed for the day so had to take it back the next morning to return. They didn't even have a car ready, had to wait hours. Refund was refused also. Ended up losing a whole day of driving that I paid for because of the car problems. They are not even a real rental company, seems to be owned by two young guys with probably like 3 cars on their lot. Decided to go with Sixt Car Rental after and was SO MUCH BETTER. Wish I did that to begin with.


2 years ago

Rented a car for 5 days with FairCar through Vehicle Rent. When we went to pick up the car we were told that we would need a credit card with 鈧?900 hold on it incase of damages and this would need to be in the drivers name… There was no mention of this prior to picking it up. We had 2 options: pay extra 鈧?00 for lower hold on card or change the drivers name for 鈧?0 and use their credit card. We went with the second option. The person at the pick up point went through what would happen if there were damages etc., We ensured we checked outside of car thoroughly before leaving the premises.the car itself kept showing warning lights for tyre pressure and a service check…. 鈧?00 for a car and it wasn't even serviced or in full working order! We ensured the we filled the car before returning as per requirements and emptied any rubbish in it before returning. We returned it on the 2nd November and have had no correspondence since. We checked on the 5th to see if the 鈧?900 charge was taken off the card and it had but there was an extra charge of 鈧?0 (ontop of the 鈧?0 change fee). Upon enquiry, we have been told that this is a cleaning fee…. For a car that was returned with no rubbish in it! Absolute rip off especially for a vehicle that was unserviced and had dodgey tyre pressure.


2 years ago

They charged us $250 in fees after we returned to our home country. $200 for a quarter tank of gas (their policy if the tank is any amount of empty they round to the nearest quarter tank). We filled up 20 min. before arriving at their place. Then $50 more for a supposed ticket which we've seen no evidence of. We also had to wait an hour to be picked up from the airport even though we confirmed a pick-up time with them. This was not fun with our 3 year old. Do not rent from this company unless you want to pay outrageous fees, or at least factor them into your cost. We have NEVER been charged for any fees by a rental company anywhere else (our home country or abroad).


2 years ago

Sicherheitsm盲ngel/technische M盲ngel/Schlechter Zustand/Abzocke

Die Fahrzeuge des Vermieters 鈥濬aircar鈥?sind in einem Zustand, der dem Mietpreis nicht entsprechend ist. Sie weisen technische M盲ngel auf – schlimmer noch – in meinen Augen sogar gravierende Sicherheitsm盲ngel und die Fahrzeuge sind insgesamt in einem v枚llig heruntergekommenen Zustand. An der Servicehotline wurde ich als L眉gner bezeichnet und abschlie脽end wurde die v枚llig 眉berteuerte Kaution f眉r eine Beule einbehalten, f眉r die wir nicht verantwortlich waren.

Die Abholung am Flughafen lief problemlos, kostet aber 50鈧?au脽erhalb der Gesch盲ftszeiten. Gemietet haben wir zu zweit einen VW Caddy Camper. Vor Ort wurde uns empfohlen, eine Steinschlagversicherung abzuschlie脽en. Allerdings war das Fahrzeug daf眉r bereits in einem 盲u脽erst desolaten Zustand – mit sogar mehreren Steinschl盲gen in der Windschutzscheibe und diversen Beulen und Kratzern in der Karosserie. Fahrzeug hatte 110000km runter. Am ersten Tag stellten wir fest, dass eine Schiebet眉r sich nicht abschlie脽en lie脽, da die Zentralverriegelung nicht griff und der Knauf innen fehlte. 脺ber die Service Hotline wurde uns am n盲chsten Tag ein Ersatzfahrzeug zur Verf眉gung gestellt. Dieses war allerdings in einem noch schlechteren Zustand. Kilometerstand lag bei 眉ber 206000km und 7Jahre alt. Die Polster wiesen jede Menge Flecken auf. Das Fahrzeug hatte von Anfang an einen undichten Reifen, den wir st盲ndig nachf眉llen mussten. An der Service Hotline wurden uns vorgeworfen, selber daf眉r verantwortlich zu sein. Nach mehrfachen Telefonaten hat sich der Vermieter darum gek眉mmert, insgesamt haben wir aber dadurch viel Zeit und Nerven in unserem Urlaub verloren. Zus盲tzlich hat das Fahrzeug w盲hrend der Fahrt im Innenraum nach Abgas gestunken. Die Reifen waren vom Profil her nahezu am Limit, wobei auf einer Achse zwei Reifen mit stark unterschiedlichem Profil und unterschiedlicher Marke verwendet wurden. Dies stellt ein erhebliches Sicherheitsrisiko dar, da das Fahrzeug bei einer Vollbremsung ins Schleudern geraten kann. Aufgrund der zahlreichen technischen M盲ngel konnten wir dem Fahrzeug nicht trauen und hatten immer das Gef眉hl liegen zu bleiben. Kein sch枚nes Gef眉hl im Urlaub.

Last but not Least wurde uns die Kaution nicht zur眉ckerstattet, da uns der Vermieter vorgeworfen hat, f眉r eine kleine Beule am Fahrzeug verantwortlich zu sein. Der Kostenvoranschlag bel盲uft sich auf einen absurd hohen vierstelligen Betrag, sodass die Kaution vollst盲ndig einbehalten wurde. Die Beule wurde sicherlich trotzdem nicht repariert. Letztendlich haben wir f眉r das Fahrzeug mehr bezahlt, als es Wert ist.

Abschlie脽end k枚nnen wir nur sagen, dass es selbstverst盲ndlich ist, dass Menschen Business machen wollen. Dieser polnische Vermieter 眉bertreibt es aber gnadenlos und betreibt aus unserer Sicht ein kriminelles Gesch盲ft (盲hnliche bzw. gleiche Erfahrungen berichten zahlreichen andere Kunden auf 鈥濼rustpilot.com鈥?. Wir haben in ganz Island kein Mietfahrzeug gesehen, dass in einem vergleichbar schlechten Zustand war. Au脽erdem sind viele Leistungen bei anderen Vermietern bereits inbegriffen, die hier noch separat berechnet werden. Ein weiterer Beweis f眉r eine Abzocke sind die Gaskartuschen, die im Fahrzeug f眉r den Kocher zur Verf眉gung gestellt werden. Diese kosten pro Kartusche 7鈧?und reichen maximal f眉r zwei Mahlzeiten. In Superm盲rkten in Island kosten diese Kartuschen aber unter 2,50鈧?

Safety issues / technical issues / bad condition / rip-off

The vehicles of the car rental company 鈥淔aircar鈥?are in a condition that does not correspond to the rental price. They have technical defects 鈥?even worse – in my opinion even serious safety issues and the vehicles are in very poor conditions. At the service hotline I was called a liar and finally the completely overpriced deposit was kept for a bump which we were not responsible for.

The pick up at the airport ran smoothly, but costs 50 鈧?outside business hours. We hired a VW Caddy Camper for two persons. At the rental office we were recommended to complete a stone chip insurance. However, the vehicle was already in a very desolate condition – with even several stone chips in the windshield and various bumps and scratches in the chassis. Mileages was 110000km. On the first day, we realized that a sliding door could not be locked because the central lock did not grip and the knob was missing inside. The service hotline provided us with a replacement vehicle the next day. This was in an even worse condition. Mileage was over 206000km and 7years old. The upholstery had lots of stains. The tire was leaking from the beginning, which we had to refill constantly. At the service hotline we were reproached of being responsible for it. After multiple phone calls, the company has taken care of it, but overall, we have lost a lot of time and nerves in our vacation. In addition, the vehicle has smelled of exhaust gas inside of the cabin while driving. The tires were almost on the limit of the profile, however on one axle two tires of different brand and profile were used. This represents a significant safety risk, since the vehicle can get into a skid after emergency brake. Due to the multiple technical issues we didn鈥檛 trusted in the car and had to expect to have a breakdown. Not a nice feeling in vacations.

Last but not the least our deposit was kept, as 鈥渇aircar鈥?reproached us of being responsible for a small bump on the vehicle. The quotation was estimated on an absurdly high four-digit amount Euro, so that the deposit was completely kept. The bump was certainly not repaired anyway. Ultimately, we paid more for the vehicle as it is worth.

In conclusion, we can only say that it is self-evident that people want to do business. This Polish car rental company exaggerates it and is doing in our view a criminal business (same or similar experiences were reviewed by many other customers at "Trustpilot.com"). We have not seen a rental car in Iceland that was in a comparably bad condition. In addition, many services are already included with other car rental companies. Another proof of a rip off are the gas cartridges, which are provided in the company in the vehicle for the cooker. These cost per cartridge 鈧?7 and is sufficient for maximum two meals. In supermarkets in Iceland, these cartridges cost less than 2.50 鈧?


2 years ago

Small hire car company with good service and competitive rates.
Basic, yet helpful and hassle free.
We hired a small car for 11 days, driving over 3000km without any problems.
Any technical enquiries were resolved quickly and efficiently.
Transport from/to airport was well organised and friendly.
Just return the car in the same condition as received; fuelled up and with a clean interior (vacuum cleaners at most fuel stations).
Make sure to get the additional gravel damage insurance to cover for the inevitable minor dents and scratches on the Icelandic roads.

Hope to deal with Fair car again, thanks!


2 years ago

All perfect. And the girl at the office incredible. 10 for all.


2 years ago

Price is really good. Customer Service gives you reliable answers and is overall helpful.
Pick-Up at airport was a bit difficult because there are no signs of 'fair car' at all. Our flight had a 30 minute delay, so the pick-Up-Service drove back.
We searched for any signs at the airport but couldn麓t find anything.
We called the customer service and then they explained everything and they picked us up. All good.
As we gave back the car at 4 am we were brought to the terminal with no further addue.

+ price
+ customer service
+ reliability
+ detailled damage-report

– pick-up at the airport after arriving was confusing
– the car had little damage on the left side (only visual impairmant)

We would rent a car there again


2 years ago

first the battery was dead, the stove did not work and then they charged us for damages we did not put on the car. When we had a flat tire fixed, watching the process they claimed we allowed the garage to substitute an inferior tire– not the case. They refused to inspect it when we returned it and low and behold two weeks later they ask for $2,000. of damages. When Visa determined their claim was non- compliant they used a collection agency to go after their claim of damages, with no indication of course that they fixed anything – even though they were not our damages. -SCROLL DOWN A BIT —THERE ARE MANY WITH SIMILAR EXPERIENCES


2 years ago

Excellent! Good price for the car rental which was perfect. Excellent service from the staff who were very friendly and helpful.


2 years ago

We had a great experience with FairCar during our trip to Iceland! The car was perfectly clean when we arrived and was 100% reliable during the entire trip. The people at FairCar ensured that our stay in Iceland went smoothly by informing us about weather and safety-related websites which was really nice of them to do. They explained everything clearly so there were no surprises. We would rent from FairCar again without hesitation. They are great people!

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