1 year ago

Started off at 拢77 a month then after a year they wanted 拢125! What a rip off.
I wanted a company to stay long term with but changed to another supplier after they quoted that!!


2 years ago

Absolutely shocking. I've had nothing but trouble from fairerpower. They messed me about with ridiculous estimations and usages. One email said I'd be paying almost 拢2000 a year for my electric when I don't actually use it most days. They came to install a smart meter but didn't have the tools then never returned. They contradicted themselves in multiple emails so they didn't make sense, which is it? Are my bills going up or down? Then they help themselves to raising my direct debit based on inaccurate estimations. Feel like it's run from someone's basement. For a couple who are barely in their apartment and who use next to no electricity we've certainly given them a lot of money.


2 years ago

Fairerpower have grossly underestimated my energy usage in February 2018 when I inquired about transferring over to them. I gave them accurate information. I obtained a quote both online and over the phone as I wanted to make sure it was an accurate forecast of my usage, and I questioned how cheap it was at the time. They assured me it was accurate and based on my past years usage. My gas and electricity usage has not increased during this time and if anything it has decreased after a good summer and one less adult living in the house. Now I realise its part of a Fairerpower miss-selling process to gain new customers 鈥?underestimate their direct debit (usage) reel them in – looks very cheap, only several months later it puts them in a position where they鈥檙e in debt and having to hike up their direct debit by 300% and more than what it was with the previous supplier.

This supplier is not to be trusted

One very angry customer!


2 years ago

Joined them over 3 years ago as although they weren't the cheapest on the market, they had good customer service ratings at the time. After a significant increase in cost this year, I looked elsewhere and found a considerably better deal. Prior to actioning the transfer I requested a refund on my account as it was significantly in credit and was advised it would take up to 14 days. I was told by my new supplier that the switch was going through without issue. However, having logged into my Fairerpower account – I found that the refund was not being actioned as they needed a more recent meter reading. This is puzzling when over a year ago they installed smart meters, so that they could access my account information at any time. After being on hold on the phone for over 20 minutes without my call being answered, I emailed Fairerpower to be told the electricity meter hadn't been working since installation in 2017! I have queried why it has taken them until now to identify this, when I advised them last year that the readings didn't make sense (but was assured that it "just took a while") and they were notified of my decision to leave over a month ago. I have also learned that the smart meters can not be read by my new supplier – something Fairerpower should have made clear before installation. Currently they are not even attempting to refund any of the substantial amount accrued – even though the problem is their fault. Should be renamed "Unfairpower"!


2 years ago

I renewed my supply account with this lot last month. The account is clearly in credit. Yesterday they asked me to increase my direct debit yet again.
Customer service is not in their remit. Asking for money that is not due is.
They are their competitors best ally.


2 years ago

They've just hiked their standing charge up 110% meaning an increase on everybody's bill of 拢105 per year or 拢8.50 a month. And that's before you factor in their increase in energy costs. That's an increase of 17% on my bill alone. The standing charge increase alone is outrageous and 10s of thousands of customers will be hit with this.
They stated is was due to, ' what we are charged by National Grid for distribution and maintenance of fuels'. That's rubbish.


2 years ago

I had a letter claiming to be be from the Chief Executive of Preston City Council and recommending that I use FairerPower. This is highly suspect because:

#1/ I cannot believe that the council would ever make such a recommendation.

#2/ The government is very much anti-monopoly so I cannot believe that the council would even be allowed to make a recommendation even if they wanted to

#3/ Most strongly, I don't even live in Preston, so there is no reason why they would write to me!

As such I strongly warn anyone considering this supplier to consider the integrity of a company that markets itself in this way.


3 years ago

Called for a quote, the guy was determined not to give any specific prices or tariffs then cut me off. The next guy said they need my phone number to find the best tariff. I wouldn't give it (don't want sales calls) so he wouldn't help and everyone in customer services was "in a meeting". I doubt they'll be around for long.


4 years ago

Received their literature today with other mail.
They say they are a partnership between Cheshire East Council and OVO Energy.
They claim that if you are with 1 of the Big 6 energy companies you could be paying too much and offered to quote for a "fairer and more competitive deal on gas and electricity"
As I am currently with EDF( a Big 6 company) on a 12 month fixed deal until March next year I asked for a quote based on my annual usage.
Their quote of 拢129 per month/拢1548 per annum was 拢383 per annum more than I currently pay-an increase of a massive 33%.
Why are these companies allowed to make such outlandish claims in what is supposed to be a heavily regulated industry.
Needless to say their literature went straight into the recycling bin.

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