Fairfax Media

1 year ago

I am very disappointed with find a babysitter website and FAIRFAX MEDIA. They are cheaters and money eaters. They have overcharged me while failing to provide a decent service. 3 months back in July – I took a 3 month membership. I did not get a single application. This is because their job renewal algorithms don't work properly. Even after my job was renewed it was not showing up to nannies in the area.

I emailed them requesting a refund. I got no response. However, they fixed my job post so I start getting some applications. However, it was too late as I had hired someone from another platform.

I gave up hoping I would get rid of them in September. 12 days ago (6 Sept) they sent me an email saying that my subscription is finished. I was happy and did not do anything.

2 days later I was charged $200 for the annual membership! I have been on a 3 month plan since last 2 years – using it on and off whenever needed. They upgraded me to 12 month, WITHOUT MY CONSENT and the money was deducted straight away from my account.

I am so shocked. I doubt emailing support is going to get any response.

My biggest mistake was not turning off automatic payments from my Paypal account.

Please avoid this website at all costs. There are many other good options out there.

(I have screenshots and proof of everything. Please feel free to email me on shyamashweta at gmail dot com if you need any evidence. This is a genuine review)

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