5 months ago

After more than a decade, FairFX has their site free from intrusive third party junk. There is the usual Google Analytics and Tag management, but these are the only ones, unlike so many commercial sites that use more than 100 third party apps, scripts, trackers and other duplicate crap that is so unnecessary and the reason so many people feel the need for blockers in the first place.

If other companies would be as restrained as FairFX with their sites and the treatment of their members and customers, there would be no need for the ad and tracking blockers in the first place.

FairFX maintains a nice safe site with the minimum of analytics making it a safe site to use.

Since the updates and change of management, the site has become a bit confused and lacking in information. Hopefully, as things settle down with the changes within the company, the site will return to being its usual great self soon.


11 years ago

Good exchange rate. Card cheap to buy, free to load and only a small commission to pay when withdrawing. Best value prepaud card around I reckon. Find cust. service v efficient. no spam. Recommend.


11 years ago

They offer decent exchange rates for foreign currency. They advertise often in the UK and I found no adware on there so you can trust them.

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