1 year ago

I wanted to write this review as there doesn't seem to be any reviews from translators. When I accepted my first job I was doubting if I'd actually get paid haha. So for other translators considering this company: They are legit. They pay what they promise. The payments are fair, and they have legit customers. The translations are mostly for ads, marketing material and websites. They will give you daily goals if you have a bigger job. The goals are tight, like expect to spend a few hours translating every day if you have a bigger job, but it's doable. Once you finish, other translators will correct and rate your work, then you get paid by paypal in 2 weeks. There's not a lot of jobs (but I translate quite an unknown language haha), and you have to accept them quick before anyone else does (you'll get an email reminder when a new job is posted). Also you can only translate to your native language so you need to have excellent skills

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