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Do not deal with this company. They are scam artists of the highest order. I was looking to change our business waste collection company from Veolia due to a bad experience. A rep from fairwaste came in to see me by chance and promised me a cheaper deal and a move away from Veolia. The promise came of new waste bins and bottle bins and a saving of 12%. This sounded good as a different company had quoted me a 10% saving so it didn't sound too good to be true.
After 3 months and double payments to both Veolia and fairwaste I still had no new bins and was still having my waste collected by Veolia. I had tried to contact fairwaste to find out what was happening but was met with the as to become very usual "theres no one available can I take a number and get back to you". Eventually I managed to contact someone called Kyle who told me that as they were new to the area they were struggling to get enough custom to get enough collections and that they had come to an agreement that Veolia would continue to collect our waste until they had enough customers in the area to make it viable for them to make collections. I thought this was slightly odd but as they were new I could sort of understand.
Our payments to Veolia stopped and fairwaste recieved our regular monthly direct debit. After 6 months between our regular payment a very large separate payment was taken without warning which was nearly 3 times our monthly amount. This was flagged up by our bank and I instantly tried to contact fairwaste to see what had happened..again met by the receptionist and the no one available line. Eventually after numerous attempts to contact over a period of 6 weeks I finally recieved an email explaining that it was an accounting error and they would reimburse us for the payment. This never happened.
At least 3 months went by before I eventually made contact with someone. I had at this point spoken to someone who was in the trade and they had advised me to get away from this company as they weren't providing me with the service I was promised and the contact I was having wasn't acceptable, they also seemed very suspicious. The chap I spoke to was called Mark I spoke to him regarding cancelling the use of fairwaste and also the overpayment I was promised back. I was told there was a 3 month cancellation period which I knew was the case with Veolia. He also assured me the over payment would be put back into our account within a week. I was very dubious about this but what could I do.
Needless to say the following week passed and still no repayment to which again back on the the phone and emails to no avail. This continued for a few more months but at least I had terminated the service and would be away after 3 months. I had obtained the service of a new company called Forge waste recycling who are great.
The 3 month period passed and Veolia were still collecting our waste. I thought something was wrong so contacted Veolia to be told I had been with them since 2013 and had been a customer ever since. They had never heard of fairwaste and all invoices were addressed to my business. There was no break in our account as I had expected and been told by Fairwaste that we were no longer Veolia customers. They have opened a case against them and I have spoken to my solicitor. Also the account hadn't been cancelled by Fairwaste and that was why Veolia continued to collect our waste. I also found out that they had changed the address of where our invoices should be sent to…a P.O box somewhere to be collected.
I called my bank and pur a block on my account. It didn't take long for fairwaste to contact me. I told them they had scammed me and they had not provided me with the service they promised. They also hadn't cancelled Veolia as agreed and that I had spoken to them too cancel it.
The next contact from fairwaste was that I had breached my contract not allowing me to speak to fairwaste and that I was also liable for a breach of terminating my contract. This was news to me as I hadn't signed a contract with them and had never seen any terms or conditions. If you are ever approached by this outfit run for the hills as they are crooks.

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