9 months ago

This company has horrible customer service. This is a call center that dispatches work to local repair companies. Their lack of proper communication and professionalism is beyond woods, Tania, the supervisor was the worst. Endless time on hold, emails you cant respond to and text that go unattended to. The repair man that came out was nice ad made the repair, but I'm hoping I don't have to call this company back, as if they were this bad when trying to earn my business, I hate to think how they will be if there is a problem. Had I known this wasn't an owner operator service I probably would not have called. STAY AWAY from this company and Tania the rude manager.


1 year ago

I would like to give FairWorks "NO STARS" but that's not an option!

I just had the absolute worst and most unprofessional experience with FairWorks and Ruslan (the appliance repairman) – who's with R's Services LLC at 9:05 a.m. this morning (3-1-2019).

He and his co-worker left me high and dry at the gate of my apartment complex! Maybe they were frustrated as I explained to them that my gate would only allow one car to go in at a time. I suggested that I use the gate card first to go in and then I would leave it for them to use the card next and then they could just give it back to me once we were both through the gate.

His co-worker then suggested that I should stand at the gate with the card but that still would only allow one car to enter. I pulled up to the gate first to try it the co-worker's way and then realized that option wouldn't work and they needed to go before me. I rolled down my window to let them know to wait for me once they got through the gate. I backed up twice and motioned for them to pull in front of me. Instead, they decided to not pull their car up to the gate at all. Then, they rolled down the window and one of them said "we are leaving" and then they left me standing at my gate.

I am shocked and in disbelief that I was treated this way!

I called and talked with Esther – the manager at FairWorks and All City Appliance. She told me that she was sorry this happened to me and that my appointment was cancelled. I told her that I still needed someone to come out today to repair my washing machine and that I didn't have any availability next week since I work a full-time job. She told me that she didn't have another repairman available who could help me. She didn't express any concern regarding the inconvenience or the bind that this incident caused me.

Ruslan and his co-worker were unprofessional and their behavior was rude and unreasonable and I don't understand why.

I will NEVER use this repair service for any reason – EVER! I would suggest that you should do the same too!


3 years ago

Not impressed. I had a beverage cooler that stopped working. The technician quoted $280 to install "starter system". A new cooler costs $300, so I didn't allow the repair – still had to pay the service charge of $70.

Then I found a YouTube video explaining how to troubleshoot the problem, had a temporary fix for a bad starter relay working in about 15 minutes, and a new $25 part on the way for a permanent fix.

The service was a ripoff obviously – no parts in that cooler cost anywhere near $280. Even a new compressor is only $85.


5 years ago

The contractor that arrived was on time and professional. He was very personable, neat and did a great job. I will use Fair Oaks in the future.


5 years ago

I鈥檓 very happy with the service provided and the price was great.

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