2 years ago

I had to take it in to make the sleeves smaller and shorten it by 3 inches or so. This dress is definitely worth it! It took about 2 weeks to come to my hand, so order in advance if it's for a special event! Worth the wait. I got compliments on it all night.


3 years ago

I ordered a dress few days ago. I got the packet after more than a week even after selecting priority shipping.

Unfortunately the dress size is not suitable and the tailoring of dress is not professional. When asked for return, the customer care suggest to alter it ourselves. The dress is of poor quality as well.


4 years ago

I ordered a dress for my Mom for my brother's wedding. The dress that came looked nothing like the picture on the website. I took pictures of the product I received and contacted the company to get a refund. I asked for a shipping address to ship the dress back to. They gave me the run around for days and offered to give me a $10 discount on a $150 dress. They would not give me the shipping address. Finally, I told them I would call my credit card company and do a charge back. It worked, I got ALL of my money back. They did not dispute the chargeback and did not ask me to mail back the dress.
Fortunately, my Mom still had plenty of time to get another dress for the wedding.

Moral of the story is… if you are going to order online from a Chinese company. ALWAYS use a credit card and have the credit card company issue a chargeback if they don't let you return. Chargebacks also hurt the merchant's ability to accept credit cards if they get a lot of chargebacks from consumers.

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