9 years ago

I placed an order on 2/23 and received an immediate confirmation via email. On 3/23 when it hadn't arrived, I sent an email. There is no phone number on their site. The state on their site that they will respond to all emails within 24 hours. Didn't get a reply to that email, nor the next 4 I sent. Their "contact us" form actually returned an error code, but I was able to locate an email address on their site. The bad news is that I needed that dress for a wedding that my daughter was flower girl in. The good news is that they never charged me. I WOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SHODDY OPERATION.


10 years ago

I placed an order on 9/30 and received a confirmation email with a confirmation order number. As of 11/5, I have still not received the item. I will say that I was never charged for the item (a $90 dress for my 5 year old), BUT I have sent 3 different emails to the same email address that sent me my confirmation, 3 emails through the "contact us" link of the website and have never received any further communication. There is no phone number to be found anywhere on this website to contact either. Communication with this online store is horrible, and the fact that I received a confirmation email left me "hanging" for over a month–not wanting to spend more $$ on another dress for my daughter because I was unsure if the item would eventually ship, and subsequently have the company bill my credit card. With the total lack of communication, I was also afraid that if I would not be able to return and get my $$ back if it did finally show up–weeks and weeks after the order date. The website did indicate that it could take 2-3 weeks for shipping, however, it has been over a month and the courtesy of a reply to my numerous emails requesting an update on the order status would have been sufficient to keep me satisfied. My new personal policy and a word of advice to online shoppers: Do not order anything from a website that does not have a working telephone number so that you can speak to a live customer service rep.


11 years ago

I ordered a girls pettiskirt from this site and after 2 1/2 weeks had no skirt or shipping info given to me. I tried to contact the company numerous times via email and phone calls, leaving messages etc etc to get some idea of when I should expect the item. I never got any response from the company and after 2 weeks of trying to get hold of some representative from the company in vain we cancelled our order. Because we used paypal to purchase the product we have had to go through them to try and get our money back. As yet it is in the process. I do not recommend buying from this site at all. I think it might be a scam.

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