Fairytale Brownies

1 year ago

I LOVE Fairytale Brownies, my favorite go-to for gifts for friends and family, and of course treats for myself! I always make it a point to stop there when I visit my parents in AZ, sometimes right after landing. They've gotten to know me over the years and even recognize me when I stop in- always makes me feel special!
I'm forever recommending them, when anyone asks for gift ideas.
Fairytale Brownies really can't be beat! The brownies are divine, as well as the cookies and bars.
They have a great assortment of flavors and sizes, a little something for everyone. They truly are a taste of pure enchantment!


1 year ago

These are my go-to people for gifts. First, I can personally attest to the brownies, they are fantastic. The customer service aspect surpasses the brownies!

I sent a package to a friend-didn't realize they were out of the country when I sent the package. FAIRYTALE BROWNIES RE-SENT the order without a question when I commented that my friends weren't there to receive the sweets!

Every time I send these I get great responses.


1 year ago

Great idea instead of flowers. I sent these to a family during a tough time and it was great to cheer up the kids and they loved the brownies. The blondies are just as good too

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