2 years ago

computor pops up with blue screen with microsoft letters, loud female voice saying computer comprimised that won't quit. Please call Microsoft with phone number 1-833-864-4066. I call, guy with accent (middle eastern?) answers, runs diagnostic on computor, then tells me I have trojon spyware and 13 viruses and other hard drive problems that can only be fixed by microsoft. He tells me only 2 companies can fix hard drive problems. Web pc experts in florida, cost 299.00 USD or Tech Genie Experts in washington for 289.00 USD. but web pc installs securities on computor for life. So I think I have no choice but to hire these guys… I give Credit card #… THey transfer me to web pc experts, then they show me that they are installing stuff on my computor..call me when finished. Even left information to contact them if more issues occur. I called back all numbers given to me and all technicians say it is a legit business.. I called Microsoft, they checked ID # they gave me 999421 and says he is a scam… meanwhile I am out 400 $, nice… I guess I will starve for a month.. So angry!%% He gave me the address in Florida as 199 N Elm Street, Englewood, Florida, 34223. I Hope you guys shut these guys down and fast. I don't think some of the tech people know this is a fraudulant place of employment.

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