9 months ago

Buen sitio, aunque ofrece una experiencia de compra online compleja.


11 months ago

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use the online ordering system with Falabella. Ordered 3 bikes online, 2 arrived within a week no problems. Getting a 3rd bike which was paid for has been an absolute nightmare. First they emailed saying the bike was not available (so why advertize it then online??) They ask to pick a different bike in stock. This was done with customer service while on the telephone. They stated within a few days we would receive an email stating what the delivery date would be. After a week with no email we telephoned and learned that bike was not available either. When were they going to call and tell us??? Never probably. So they state pick a new bike again………so one last chance we ordered another bike which was $150,000 COP more, so we paid online with a credit card again. The lady stated she would personally deal with this and we should get an email shortly to tell us the delivery date…several days go by and nothing. Call again, oh ya this bike is not available either. Than why do they tell you while on the telephone it is available? When were they going to tell us???That was enough so we ask for the credit card to be refunded the full amount. They lady says we can do that get me the credit card number you want it put on. While getting the card she then states………oh, no you will get an email within 5 working days which will tell you how to get your money back. Falaballa finds it very easy to take your money but when it is a return they find every excuse to delay it. We are currently now waiting for an email…………..see what becomes of that……
Also, calling the customer service department is a nightmare on its own………first the number on the website does not exist…..you need to research and ask around to friends, family and neighbors if they have a number to call …..the chat person online can't help you with anything….what are they paid for I have no idea…. then when you do call you need to explain to 3-4 people every time what the problem is…….one passes you on to another person saying I can't help you. Do this 3 to 4 times every time you call and you want to lose it…………I believe we called 8 times regarding this bike…..

A large company like this should have their stuff together…..how many thousands of others have gone through this?

Horrible and terrible service……….my recommendation………if you are going to purchase from Falabella physically go to a store, pick buy what you can put your hands on and pay and walk out the door the same day……..if you can't DO NOT PURCHASE IT……or you will be looking for problems………..


1 year ago

The worst experience in e-commerce I've ever had. Yes, I'm coming from the USA, and used to leading edge companies. But this is beyond ridiculous, especially for a company this large (or maybe that's why it's so bad).

* Difficulty using a foreign (non-Colombian) Visa card
* Ordered a set of new bed sheets but received what clearly was a used/returned item. It was wrapped in plastic wrap which was torn and stained with something (grease)?
* One of the items was scratched
* Lack of good communication on order status, delivery
* Upon returning the items, the refund still hasn't arrived (after two months)

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