6 months ago

On May 30, 2020, we ordered Nano Magic Tape, which was free,except for $1.95 shipping.They charged $83.66 to Jim's checking account.When confronted, they said it was for a VIP membership, and we could order things at a discount from their catalog. We said we didn't order that. Then they said we ordered Keto pills, which we did not. We've been told varying amounts for the membership, normally in the $50 range. The totals never equaled $83.66, and they would offer refunds from 50% up to 80% of the amount they took out of Jim's account.We always refused. On 6-22 I talked to a man who said there was no record of us ordering Keto pills, the membership fee was $55.30. He couldn't explain why the $1.95 plus $55.30 didn't equal $83.66. The supervisor was not available, so I said we expect a callback. Ellen called June 23, said the membership fee was $81.71, which added to $1.95 equals $83.66.She said they could refund us 80% of that, which would have been $65.37.If we would have accepted that, they would have put the amount back into Jim's account immediately. We said no, so she said we have nothing further to discuss, and call back if we want to agree to that amount.We had TCF helping us check all this out. Falag sent them papers saying we received the Keto pills, and because we didn't return them in 30 days, we are not owed a refund. We never received these pills, and the Nano tape arrived about 1 week ago.The confirmation email they sent Jim June 6 only mentions the Nano tape.The copy they sent TCF matches the order number, and tracking number of the email they sent us, but their copy only shows the Nano tape as well. I left a message for them a short while ago, so we'll see what they say, if and when they call back.

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