6 months ago

At first
I met Joseph Kennedy online
And after chatting a little , I know he worked for a trading company. And I said that I wanted to try a little money first to see how it worked …… then I invested $ 1500 through coinbase bitcoin – ( that money is so big to try first …)
** then after 3 days , he told me to upgrade to the next level . I was very surprised that because $1500 is too much already … after I argued with him…. then he promised too much by his soft mouth ….. He always said that 鈥?madam I am sure you get profits , you have my words …..鈥?br />
** then he told me to put in at least $2000
Then I put in $2000
** after 6 days , he told me to pay withdrawal fee $2850 to have money deposited right away
Then I argued with him that why he did not tell me all so that I prepare money and prepare if I could afford for that at the first time ……
*** He told me to pay that withdrawal fee and I would have $19000 profit sent to me right away …. then I told him that I could not pay that and then I told him that I would quit
*** he told me that he would help me a little and said that the withdrawal fee was the last payment , the last fee and no more payment ……
** and I decided to put in $1970 for the withdrawal fee and I asked him again and again if there was another fee/ payment after that … he said again 鈥渘o / no more payment / no other fee…
*** then after I paid $1970 for withdrawal fee, I got the email from his company to tell me to pay $1500 for the tax…..
** then I texted him to argue with him about the words he said just 1 day before ,….. if he was a little boy 5 years old , then I would never argue with what he said
** then he was trying to ignore what he said to me , he kept saying 鈥?madam , you have to pay the tax ….鈥濃€?br />
Then I told him
You remember??????? I asked you many many many times if there was another Fees after the withdrawal fee ….and you said no /no other fees or payments……..you are human 鈥斺€?why are you treating me like that …..鈥濃€?then he was trying to ignore my words … only one thing he kept repeating 鈥?madam , you have to pay the tax 鈥?…
** I am telling all the truth
If you want to investigate , I am happy to work with you for that . I want help people stay away from those People / from that company
Falconfxoption is so bad
I lost totally $1500+$2000+$1970
Thanks for solving my problems

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