3 years ago

A great selection of parts that are right for your application. When there was a problem with the wrong part shipped(right box wrong part) the right part was shiped the next day.


7 years ago

I will have to say it is sad that they have all the parts I could want, but I will never do business with Falcon Enterprises or their website falconparts.com. I will admit I made the mistake on the order. The owner Jeff Wilson picked up the phone called me and made sure to correct the order, good. When my back account was locked up from the return and trying to recharge the proper amount it didn't go through do to the bank security on my card. When I saw my bank account and say I gave Falcon Enterprises a call. Right away the person on the phone was hostel. After explaining what happened I was ready to pay and get my parts. After asking why didn't he call me about the issue he proceeded to become angry and yell I sent you an email. I never said he didn't but I never received an email and you called about the other issue why not call about this one? I asked for his supervisor and I was very surprised to hear he was the owner of the company and would talk to people on the phone this way. After finding this is going nowhere I just said your not the only game in town and I would rather spend more money elsewhere to not be yelled at for a completely avoidable problem. Jeff Wilson if you read this sac city college has communication courses really cheap. You could use a couple of them. With the internet and new availability of oem and aftermarket parts, if this is how you want to do business I don't see you being able to keep returning customers. All in all use at your own risk and hope you don't need to talk to these people on the phone or in person. Im spending my money for my falcon elsewhere.

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