FALKE Granit&Natursten

5 months ago

They have done great job!


5 months ago

I have worked with Falke granit in a couple of different projects and i am very satisfied with their team, since they are very busy, it is possible that they delay a bit, but eventually their work will make it up for that.
They have a extremely beautiful collection of stones .


7 years ago

I contacted Falk Granite with a complicated problem. I needed a granite step in a particular size & shape, but I also needed it to match with the step beneath. I don't know anything about granite so I sent them a picture and they researched what type of granite it was. Then they asked for more pictures of the bottom step when it was wet & dry. They finally determined exactly what type of granite it was – and where to get more. They cut the piece perfectly and had it delivered here to our home in Copenhagen. It looks great, it fits perfectly – and it matches 100% the step below. After all that – I still received a phone call from them to make sure that everything was OK and that we were satisfied. Wow – talk about old fashioned service ! Thanks again Falk Graite.

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