3 years ago

Very bad experience with Falkemedia customer service.

In December 2017 I jumped on a good subscription offer on Beat magazine because I would also get the chance to pick one of many software instruments as a subscription gift. I chose Philharmonik 2 from IK Multimedia, one I really could use.
I got the first issue of the magazine in the beginning of January less than two weeks later. But I also received an Invoice telling me to pay the shipping cost of my gift, the IK Multimedia Philharmonik 2. It was supposed to be a download version but I payed the invoice. A week or so later my payment I got a mail from Falkemedia telling me the invoice was a mistake as my gift is a download version.
Then suddenly – February 1 – I got a new mail from Falkemedia Abo-service saying that my gift – Philharmonik 2 – is not available anymore and I must choose one of the other gifts. I have no use or interest in any of these.
I have not yet got my shipping money back. And I cannot cancel my subscription on the magazine.

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