8 months ago

My washing machine taps and hoses needed replacing. The Fallons man came to view the job and quoted $450.04 for the supply and fit of a new pair of washing machine taps (which were the same cheap plastic design as the ones that had just failed me after three years) and $347.78 for the supply and fit of a new pair of washing machine hoses (which he didn't have with him). That's $797.82 in total BUT if I took up Fallon's Protection Plan, it would cost only $678.15 plus the $165 cost of the 3 year plan: a new and higher total of $843.15 (how does that work ?) … plus the $49.50 travel fee, naturally.

Who do these people think they are kidding? In no way can these prices be termed value for money. For $757 I can get a brand new BOSCH washing machine delivered and fitted (complete with new hoses) from a well known on-line appliance retailer.

Of course, I declined the Fallons quote, paid the travel fee and ordered a Bosch washing machine on-line. It was delivered and fitted the next day and the retailer's installers kindly fitted new washing machine taps as well (for free).

In summary, I got myself a new washing machine all plumbed in with new taps and hoses for $40 less than Fallons would have charged me just for taps and hoses! It's like I got a BOSCH washing machine for free!

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