Falls Creek Trail

3 years ago

This was a sustained, challenging climb with really good views along the way. After about a 1000 feet up, you circle back to the creek where you can get some fresh glacier run off (although drink at your own risk given that there might be "parasites"). I liked that there was no parking fee for this trail. The trail head is right off the side of the highway so you feel safe leaving your car there. Would highly recommend doing this trail if you're in shape.


3 years ago

This hike is NOT for a beginner hiker (unless your will is strong, strong, strong). I had access to a hiking book and decided to check this one out. I definitely don't regret this hike, but it is very tough. I think my book described it as very strenuous and I would not disagree. I've seen other people characterize this hike as moderate…..and that's true if you're the type that likes to hike Mt Everest. It is located right off of the Seward Highway (Mile 105.6). I loved that the hike did not require a permit or a fee (that's always a plus). The hike is 2.7 miles one-way and has an elevation gain of 2900 feet. The trail starts out near the falls, which is beautiful. The majority of the hike is right next to these falls. The first part of the hike is shaded, but eventually you get more and more exposed to the sun (so make sure you bring sunblock). We didn't do the whole hike (which ends near a lake), but did a good chunk. It is an incredible workout and I would highly recommend this hike if you're looking for a challenge with great views.


3 years ago

Man, how am I just now getting around to hiking this?!

Falls Creek is located at ~Mile Post 105.6 on the Seward Highway.

In relation to other trails:
To the West: Rainbow Trailhead (https://www.yelp.com/biz/rainbow-trailhead-anchorage)
To the East: Indian Valley Trailhead (https://www.yelp.com/biz/indian-valley-trail-anchorage)

Mileage: 2.7 (one-way)
Gain: 2,900 ft

About a 1,000 ft/mile, steep but not *too* steep.

The trail starts out…next to a falls! It closely follows Falls Creek for the first half of its length. As the water is loud and the brush is thick, I'd highly recommend doing some trail karaoke with your friends to make sure you alert any bears in the area that you're coming.

Eventually, you get out of the brush and the valley expands.

It's gorgeous. It's wide and it's bright-freakin'-green (my favorite shade of that color), or at least it was in mid-June. This is going to sound odd but, it actually reminded me of some of the valleys I hiked in Hawaii! It made me a little butthurt that I am only just-now getting around to hiking the trail.

The trail ends at a lake. I'm not sure what the name of it is, so I'll just call it "Falls Lake". The lake frequently has snow on/in/around it, up until July. But, there is an ample amount of vegetated, snow-free flat area around the lake, this would be a perfect "Baby's First Backpacking" trip. (no permits required, just load yourself down and hike up)

You can continue up past the lake, onto the ridge between South Suicide Peak and Indianhouse Mountain. The path will quickly change from "hiking" to "scrambling" though. I'd only recommend going up South Suicide if you are confident on your feet, and I'd only recommend going up Indianhouse if you have a rope and a partner!

If you're quick enough, this can be done as an after-work hike. If you're slow or looking for a casual stroll, you can easily make a day of this hike.


5 years ago

Great exercise. Either go all the way to the glacier and enjoy the view or cut yourself short and quit halfway. Expect the hike to last 3-6hrs.


6 years ago

Love this trail! As soon as you pull off Seward Highway into the small parking lot, you can see the waterfall. It's a large waterfall, shrouded by trees, which is why you can't see it from the road. It's a very impressive waterfall and worth getting out of the car to check out, even if you aren't going to hike the trail. I

The incline of the trail is pretty steep, so I suggest a walking stick if you plan on actually hiking it. It's a full days hike to go up and back if you go at a casual pace. Bear spray, water and snacks are a MUST! There are definitely animals on this trails. In addition to bears, you may encounter moose, dall sheep, and other smaller furries.

Bring a camera, this is a great hike!

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