8 months ago

Be aware that this accommodation Booking service is the most unprofessional and rude company I have ever dealt with. I am still trying to get my accommodation booking refund from them that had to be cancelled because of COVID 19 restrictions. They are currently advertising on their website that you can book with complete confidence with them, I must say that is not my experience. Since the end of March when I first requested a refund I was advised to claim through my travel insurance or credit card issuer. I paid by debit card and have spent almost four months doing what Falmouth Holiday Homes advised and getting nowhere, not once through this time was I advised that I could have a refund or rearrange my booking. I had a very unpleasant phone call from 鈥楽tuart鈥?last week telling me not to ever book with them again for being troublesome and having the gall to ask for my money to be refunded!! Stuart need not worry about that, I would never use this company again. This is the first time I鈥檝e ever had to leave such a negative review and I do not do it lightly but I feel that if you are checking this site out you should know about this very unpleasant company, you can also check out reviews on Trip advisor on Stuart he鈥檚 had negative reviews written about his very unprofessional behaviour towards other customers.

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