4 years ago

The site has some valid points,and it is a little eye-opening on a few angles.But it struck me as having a right-wing agenda.


4 years ago

Here's a website that names all the supposed 'False Flags' in question. The site is quick to identify the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), just like Hillary did when referring to where she got her "directions." Was Hillary 'whistle blowing' when she said that? Doubt it. Other websites/authors/historians go into the 'roots' of the CFR, which is named as, "Frankist."

Many other individual websites for each 'false flag' event. Many interpretations from many sources.

Appears that 'Government' got tired of waiting for natural disasters, a long time ago. Interesting stuff:


which perhaps leads to:


which is okay, because it's between friends:


See, lots of giggles:


You too can be a part of the False Flag Process, join the casting call for RNC disruptions!

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