2 years ago

reply: so your employee knows the price but still won't tell, why hide the price to an english speaker? because they are not local! they have no idea with the price range, that's why they ask the price, and that's why you won't tell the price
asked so many times, but do not tell you anything about price until you receive the bill. stayed 15 mins, fixed nothing, charged 984
kr. if you charge a lot, fine, but say it IN ADVANCE!!!
I called receptionist to complain about it, the altitude is so rude. Basically means that it is ALL my fault, that's the market price.When I asked about HOW to pay the bill, guess what she replied? " yes, you have to pay us! " She rudely assume that I won't pay??? Trash service! Trash altitude! Never choose the company because as long as they come to your home, YOU OWN THEM MONEY FOR WHATEVER HORRIBLE SERVICE.


7 years ago

We have had FalsingVVS helping us three times and the only issue we have had is that they sent their invoice very late 🙂

One of the times we had ordered a thing that wasn't OK but the guy from there fixed it in a very professional way. We will use them again!

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