8 months ago

I am surprised this website has never been reviewed – this shows that they may be a bogus website after all.

A lot of good and interesting stuff on their site; I ordered a cheap glasses anti-slip holder. After almost 1 month (understandable due to covid) they had a so-called 'tracking site' where it stated that my items have been delivered.
Obviously, I didnt get it. (the 'website' stated it was delivered 10 days ago) I emailed customer service to ask. Instead of giving me proof it was delivered (eg. signed delivery/ proof of shipment) the customer service just emailed with a one liner 'it was delivered ask your post office'
Site is not transparent and if we want to dispute a shipment there is no way to do this from their 'tracking' site.

Dont buy from them!! If I could give them minus stars I would.

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