Familjens Jurist

6 months ago

When it comes to migration relate questions they don't have a clue. I consulted one of their lawyer who had very little knowledge about migration related issues. Eventually he told me that he has to check the rule and will come back through email as he does not know then. Then he charged me for the time spent in writing emails for questions which I later realize were right there in migrationverket website. To add salt to the would. They charged me extra 500 sek for checking if if they could help me In my case. Like a person decides whether they should take the case or not and takes 500 sek for that. They did not tell me about this charge untill I got the bill from them. So bare in mind. A 30 min consultancy with them will cost you around 2500 sek and you might end up having no new information at all.

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