Family Car Buyers

5 months ago

If I asked to describe (Family car buyers) in few words I have to say they're a con artist, fraud and scams their distinctive fraudulent conduct intended to benefit them at the expense of their victims, they lie, cheat and fool people into thinking they are getting a great deal.
(Family car buyers) runs by dishonest, crooks and scumbags.
I purchased a vehicle from them through copart auction in Nebraska,In an attempt to defraud the buyer they listed the primary damage to the vehicle as HAIL and the vehicle have no key.
After I got the car I found out there was no hail damage at all and they took away the key to the car so no one can inspect it and find out the vehicle had an engine rod knock which meant the car needs a new engine further more they showed photos of the detailed outside of the vehicle and intentionally ignored taking photos of the most important damage underneath the vehicle, which is very bad corrosion.
Don't be fooled by the good reviews about them, these reviews done by them and the people who work for them using fake names.
Avoid doing business with them, don't trust them and don't be a victim of their scheme and deceptions.


8 months ago

Awesome staff and everything went smoothly, Giselle was super helpful throughout everything! Thanks again Family Car Buyers!


8 months ago

This was my first time doing business with Family Car Buyers. I spoke with at least five of their employees while doing business with them. Medina, Frank, Stephanie, Iris, Giselle, Jessica and Debbie. I spoke with each one of these people several times and I thought, "This is too good to be true! How can all these people be so professional and especially be so nice!" I personally have never dealt with a company where they didn't at least have one bad apple. I have never written a review for a company, but I had to with this company. They are amazing!


1 year ago

I had a great experience with family car buyers. I sold 2 of my cars that would not run and get a very fair price. Everyone was helpful and professional. It went just as promised.


3 years ago

I recently had a vehicle purchased from the team at Family Car Buyers, and the experience, from top to bottom was nothing short of first class. I dealt with Angelica Hernandez for the totality of my transaction, and she was absolutely phenomenal. I live on the east coast, South Carolina to be exact, but she was readily available, whether it was a general question, or if it was to follow up on how the process with their local yard was going. Thank you to the entire team, and especially to Ms. Hernandez. It was an absolute delight dealing with you and I am very appreciative of your professionalism and that fact that you cared enough to follow up, even after the transaction was completed. I would recommend Family Car Buyers to anyone looking for buy or sell. They kept their word, cut me a check on site and were very courteous and very professional. Thanks again, Angelica!


4 years ago

They gave me a quote fast and picked up my truck the next day and payed me right then.

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