Family Christian Doors

1 year ago

I had a garage door that would lift up but would stop when closing. I called FCD to come and see what the issue was. It appeared to me that the tracks were not aligned as I could manually run the opener fully open and closed. In my opinion there was nothing really wrong with the opener itself. When the tech came out he pointed out the the cables were frayed. He stated that the opener was under powered (even though it had operated just fine for years) as there was really nothing else wrong other that the frayed cables. Since I needed a new opener he also suggested that I do a complete "full door Service" which would replace rollers etc. So now the total estimate was over $1100. I agreed to the service. So today they came out and installed new opener and did the "full door service". When he was done he said listen to this clicking. That he said, was the bearings. He said they were frozen and he lubricated them and got them freed up but now the were clicking. He suggested that replace those as well for yet another $80. Well guess what if the bearings are "frozen" the garage door is not going to operate well. So it is my belief the the issue from the beginning was the frozen bearings and NOT the opener. The final insult was when the took my perfectly good used opener that I could have sold for $100 on Craigslist without asking my permission. FCD sadly just another mediocre company looking to gouge their customers.

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