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5 years ago

I have been a customer of Quibids for a few months now,and if I could just go back in time and stop myself from curiosity and wanting to win an item I wanted to buyI would tell myself to keep on going and go to the store and buy it.I must say I have won many things at Quibids and don't have a need for anything because I've won it all….but I also spent my life savings and put myself into huge debt when I was debt free,and now am addicted to penny auction sites.Now I had caught them at a auction I was bidding in where they had their bot win yet again the same item won 14 days prior,yet when I or anyone else tries to bid on an item won in the 30 day rule you can NOT proceed ,it will not allow you to bid .I took copies of both auctions and asked for an explanation as to how and why this had happened,since I spent my money bidding in a auction which I consider to be legitimate .
They have chosen to ignore my requests and of course there is no investigation since it is them who are scamming in the first place.
I would avoid the site if asked as they are fraudulent and from my point of view use bots to bid against you to drive up the price of items or that real players not win the items only to purchase more and more bids in hopes of winning to recoupe so many loses.
Shame on you Quibids.


9 years ago

This site tells you about discounts and rebates. For example; where kids eat free. It has Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Shore deals, but I use it for the USA national chain deals and coupons. Every little bit helps.

Beware of some of the advertisers like Stay away from Quibids,

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