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9 months ago

We had been going to marriage therapy for 10 years, but it wasn鈥檛 until we met Dr. Mahan (our 4th therapist) that I finally felt significant movement in our relationship. With Dr. Mahan鈥檚 coaching approach and individual counseling sessions, I am finally feeling forward progress!

In the past, old patterns resurfaced as soon as we would get home from therapy sessions. With the couple鈥檚 coaching model, Dr. Mahan checks in on us between sessions and provides specific feedback for challenges we experience in real time. It has been such a relief knowing I have him 鈥渋n my back pocket鈥?as situations come up.

Dr. Mahan鈥檚 鈥減resence鈥?became especially critical during COVID-19 while in the same house with my husband 24-7! I am thankful we had already been using this coaching model well before the pandemic. His virtual support during this time has been critical knowing I can reach him late at night and on the weekends through calls, texts, and emails. I have never experienced the feeling of having a direct line of access to a therapist.

Early on, this direct line of accessibility was vital while experiencing various forms of verbal and emotional abuse from my husband. Dr. Mahan helped me/us identify it and then process it in our individual and couple sessions. I remember feelings of confusion, panic, fear, and loneliness while working through the abuse. When crises came up and I needed immediate support, it was such a relief knowing he was there when I needed him the most. I no longer felt so extremely isolated.

I realize the marriage counseling coaching model has helped reduce my fears and isolation dramatically by having this direct support from Dr. Mahan. When I reach out for support, his responses are timely, thoughtful, and extremely detailed. I have many messages saved for future reference because his words are so powerful and meaningful for me. His marriage coaching continues to provide me a rudder to help guide me in developing my own inner strength and courage to confront issues that arise. He is so attuned to what I am going through鈥t is as if he is living and experiencing the situation with me. I have never felt this before from another therapist. For so long, it has been very lonely for me, so having him by my side every step of the way has been so comforting.

Dr. Mahan鈥檚 compassion shines through in everything he does. Not only is he a highly educated and experienced expert in this specialized field, he is incredibly invested in my life and well-being. It is very difficult to capture in words how valuable our therapeutic relationship has been to me. He will remain a very important and special part of my life for years to come!

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