Family Phone

5 months ago

BEWARE! They disconnected my number without notifying me, and by the time I realized it, my phone number had already been permanently released. They claimed I hadn't paid my bill, but I forwarded the receipt proving that I had paid it in full 3 months prior to shut-off (paid it by logging into my online account). I had no reason to think there was a problem. I got an email from the CEO saying it was "human error" and an offer to refund the fees I'd paid. No acknowledgement of the value of the phone number (my late husband's and had some business value). I talked to a few lawyers, but held off on pursuing anything because the CEO said he had hope of retrieving the number. But he didn't respond to my two requests for updates. I paid for a lawyer at that point, but she strongly urged me to reconsider. Their terms of service allow them to come after me for their legal fees even if they're in the wrong. I hate that I'm letting them get away with this–I've been pretty devastated by this and they take no ownership of the harm. The sole purpose is to preserve your phone number, so it's stunning to me that they seem to think there's no blame if they can't fulfill their one purpose. I may still pursue mediation or small claims–we'll see. But I want potential customers to be aware of their unfriendly terms & conditions and irresponsible business practices.

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