Familyandfriends Railcard

7 months ago

Absolute joke . I have a family and friends railcard that runs out on the 26th of july. Now i haven't been to use this while this pandemic has been happening. Now when i asked about getting the months we couldn't travel back . They just said there is nothing they can do. Disgusting our national rail service .


1 year ago

After spending nearly an hour completing an online railcard application it was not possible to finalise the transaction as the online app was faulty.
Attempting to contact customer service was appalling. Telephone waiting time is currently 31 minutes and still waiting.
Only gave a 1 star review because zero was not an option


2 years ago

We love our friends and family railcard, but again on renewal this year my card has not arrived. Ordered for dispatch on 4th November, suddenly realised last night (Monday) when getting things ready for the following weekend,it is not here for travel on Saturday, to be told by a most unsympathetic adviser to guarantee it arriving I need to pay 拢6.95 extra for special delivery. What choice do i have to ensure my family can travel with pre-purchased tickets on Saturday. Customer services did not care in fact the adviser implied this was my fault, how i paid you to deliver the card with over 3 weeks notice! Appalling customer service.


8 years ago

We purchased a Friends and Family Railcard over the Xmas break for a trip two days later. On COMPLETION of the purchase it then states you have to wait for the card to be delivered (you cannot print a copy of your receipt etc) to be able to purchase tickets. This did not happen in time and we were forced to purchase another from the Train Station. My phone calls and emails with the Railcard operators only offered patronising, unhelpful 'it clearly states in our T & Cs' and borderline rude discussions.
They really should state, before you start completing your details, (as a pop up or similar) that you will not be able to use this card for approx 2 weeks.
However, the speed each phone operator relayed me to the T & Cs would suggest I am not the only person to be caught out by their poor website.
Their response times were never as stated and when I queried why this was the case I was told 'well its Christmas, that Depts shut!'…of course….wouldnt expect to be informed of this pre-purchase!
Overall I lost money as they deducted an admin charge from my duplicated card…..left a VERY bad taste in my mouth.
In this era proof of purchase should suffice….not relying on a 3rd party to deliver their products.


9 years ago

I regularly go to Taunton from Reigate on the train, this card has saved me thousands of pound. I have just brought my daughter 16+ card for when she travels out and about with friends.

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