3 years ago

I am in the search for a new boston terrier puppy. This website is very welcoming and I was responded to rather quickly. Once I replied to initiate buying a puppy from this person I then had to be "approved" by giving them some information about the history of owning a dog and where I lived. Here are the questions I was asked:
How old are you…?
Are you married / have kids at home..?
Have you had a puppy before…?
How soon do you want the puppy….?
Do you promise to love and take very good care of this baby for the
rest of her life…?
Do you have a vet around you where she can always be taken for check up…?
I will like to know a little more about you and your work schedule…?

I responded to these questions with personable answers to insure I would be approved for a new puppy in my home. Of course once this person stated I was approved I was then prompted with another set of questions to insure a fast and easy process on rehoming such a cute new puppy. Here they are:
Full Name of receiver/owner of the puppy::?
State/city/zip code::?
Address/telephone and Cell phone number:::?
The Closest airport to your location::?
Do you want your new baby delivered at your home door step so that
you won't have to go through the airport hassle (stress) or at the airport:::?
It will cost you an extra $30 if you choose the home delivery service!
I was beyond excited to have received such a warming email that I would be getting to bring home a new puppy and with tears in my eyes I responded to this email. Then, after giving out all of this information the next email prompted me on what the steps would be to pay for this puppy.

You will just have to send the money through the CVS pharmacy or a Walmart store using my full partner's name since that will be fast and easy for us to receive it and proceed with the process. So you will just have to locate any CVS pharmacy at your location and say you want to send money but do not tell them the purpose of sending the money because they usually charge high for tax when you are using their service for business transaction so if they ask you say you are sending it to a
friend, they shall give you a sending form which you will fill in the full information as i give to you. Once you are done filling the form just hand it over to the cashier along with the money and the sending charges of just about $12 or $15 but the cashier at the Walmart will tell you the exact charges and as soon as they are done with the transaction, they will give you a payment receipt as proof of payment then you will just have to take a picture of the receipt and email it to me or the sender's name and the reference number on the receipt.

Name : Anthony Lingard
State : Virginia
City : Norfolk
Zip code : 23523
Phone number : (703)_9967_045
Amount : $575

Please make sure you go to the store in person to make the payment and do remember to send it in minutes.
Waiting to hear from you once payment has been made so that Bella can be on the way to her new home.
This was when I realized that this whole time I was being scammed. Of course I did not send them any money and only scammers would ask me to pay in that manner. My point for this story is that I am beyond hurt that people do this and honestly worried to death that someone is going to steal my identity or even show up at my house while I am at work or even if I am here.
I am outraged and this page and people deserve to be punished. I will be contacting the law about this situation. They messed with the wrong person. I work my butt off to have the things I do and to know that lazy people want to sit at home and try to steal my money. That is sickening. Get up and get a real job.
Please Please people do not for this, I am even angrier at myself for giving my information out so quickly without thinking first but more importantly I was too excited that I was about to add another addition to my family.
Something to look for about this is whoever is sending the email always ends it with "God Bless, Angela" and they state they are in Norfolk, Virginia.


3 years ago

I contacted them today in regards to purchasing a puppy. They responded back pretty quickly. I then responded back as they had a series of questions. I didn't think anything of it at first. After I answered their questions and responded back, they have taken a long time to respond. I decided to search more about them and their site……Surprise Surprise I came across this scam report….and it was identical to our situation….in fact, one person reported on a puppy by name we were considering. Luckily for us, I didn't send in any money…..but they have a lot of information on me now…so now I'm worried.


3 years ago

Research online review revealed scam alert with all the same above information prior to me losing any money thank God. Women claiming to be a disabled veteran and unable to speak on the phone. Ends her emails/ text with God bless. Very manipulative.


3 years ago

Trying to sell me a Boston terrier puppy. Was going to ship it to me…but I was also on line with him but a different name and address. Wanted me to money gram $600.00 Walmart to walmart..I caught him because of the name being close and prices being so close, and just a slight address change. I kinda figured when he wouldn't call me. He was not an immigrant here in USA was maybe Iranian Iraq ian…I only have sites on line and both sites had 50%off all puppies. His address was 4212 31st. Street.N. Arlington,VA. 22207…oh…then he said he oofed…the right zip code was 23450
And the phone numbers were both (804) 203-1162
The other address was Richmond, VA. 23173
804-999-2327 and that was Thomas Altman…he didn't even know he had me talking to him on the two different phone numbers….so he sent me to the same boston terrier site…same d9gs everything…He trapped himself…and he didn't even know kown it. Idiot..


3 years ago

Purchase a puppy on Dec 2 and has not received him flint. Has tried several time to solve this matter no luck.

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