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Endangering Workers – Hiring and Firing

Please be careful with Family Care Plus located on 2573 Main Street Stratford, Connecticut Phone number: (203) 377-1844.…

If you are an out of state caregiver provider save yourself the headache and apply to a different agency. These people are the lowest of the low! The reason why they hire out of state Caregivers is because they have used up and burned up all the local ones by sending them into dirty, filthy, unstable homes that put the caregivers in danger. The tactic that they use to entice out of state workers is by paying for their transportation and then once they get to Connecticut they "house" them in a workers "apartment" which was originally a doctor's office. The "apartment" is filthy, they have old shower curtains, dirty linens, and dirty bathrooms. You are probably there with 5 or 6 CNA's, LPN's or HHA's at the same time all waiting for work. Little do they know is that they are about to be sent into homes that other CNA's have been burn out of to then be fired and be replaced with fresher meat! These people start up all these cases all over CT, MA, and even soon NH and GA to make money! That company is all about money. They make an exorbitant amount of money in comparison to what they pay the workers. They only pay a measly $100.00 per day for live in (sometimes less) when other agencies easily pay $130.00+ for the same kind of work.

Examples of what workers have gone through:
* One woman was sent into a home full of bedbugs, she reported this to the agency and requested to be taken off the case. The agency simply replaced her with another CNA KNOWING that they were going to send her into a home full of bed bugs and did not ask the client to take care of the problem through proper extermination.
* Many women have come from as far as Florida and Mississippi to work in hopes of working a full time job only to be sent on temporary week long or week and a half long cases only to be fired after the case was done. One woman in particular came from very far away was fired early during the week, kicked out of the "workers apartment" and left shelter-less until that Friday that she got paid. They do not pay for the transportation to return home nor provide accommodations after getting fired. Time and time again many out of state workers have been left out on the street with no family nearby after they were enticed to come out of state with this company's many promises and then fired after they were used up.
* Many caregiver's are sent into the homes of racist inconsiderate people who refuse to complete their part of their contract which is to provide food for the live in care giver. After weeks of starvation the worker is then forced to leave. Sometimes fired for reporting the conditions and then replaced with another worker knowing that the same cycle will happen again.
* Another caregiver was sent into a home where there were cat feces littered all over the basement, was exposed to bacterial and parasitic infections, there was no running water in the home, and many other hazards and serious concerns. The company knowingly fired the caregiver and was going to send another caregiver into that home knowing all the hazards that had occurred in the home.
*Another Caregiver was sent into a home where she was not provided an adequate sleeping area and adequate privacy as mandated. The client also had some serious health issues and was constantly urinating on the floor making her clean up urine off the floor more than 3 times a day.
*Another caregiver was sent into a home where the woman supposedly had dementia but was extremely racist going as far as making inappropriate comments on the workers skin color, and going as far as going into the street and cause chaos by saying that there was a "black woman" in her home trying to steal her things causing the neighbors to get out of their homes and call the police on the caregiver. She also attacked the caregiver on another occasion for listening to music on her head phones. The company just pulled the worker off this horrific case and replaced her with another one.

The point of reporting all these stories is to demand that the ethics and practices of this company be scrutinized and investigated. It is not just or right for them to be hiring so many women and men out of state for them to just use the up and fire them and leave them out on the street shelter-less after making so many promises. It is also not right for them to be taking on so many cases without having a nurse inspect the client or the homes first. It is also not right for them to knowingly be sending so many workers into such filthy living conditions when the previous worker had to leave that home for those very same reasons in the first place. It is understood that this field of work is difficult as it is but to be treating the workers like disposable garbage and endangering their lives and health is another thing.

They also have unethical practices when it comes to workers income. They like to keep they money if they don't have "proper" signatures even though they were already paid by the insurance company.

The "Field Supervisor" Madora is a money, power hungry, evil cold leech. Ever since she entered her position many workers have complained that she has changed for the worse and has many of her own family members working here obviously showing a preference for her own family. And lowering the standards, quality and value of the company.

CT LIC# HCA.0000114


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