1 year ago

I was charged for an automatic renewal of subscriptions that I absolutely did not authorize. I have all paperwork between me and Family Handyman, so I know there were no terms and conditions authorizing automatic renewal. When I disputed the charge with AMEX, it was denied because Family Handyman said I had renewed. I did not. Family Handyman finally promised to credit my AMEX account, but have not been able to get them to do so. Dishonest on both accounts!


1 year ago

Wonderful content but after eight years as a subscriber
I started to have delivery issues and we never moved once.

Three years ago it started but I was able to reach their processing
center in Iowa by phone and fix the problem.

The same issue a year later but managed to get service started
again. Then in the fall of 2018 it happened again, but the service agent said that
the magazine would restart in the 1st quarter of 2019. Liar.

I have not received a single issue this year, despite my payment
of $20.oo. I spoke to some man whom was a VP of advertising
in NYC and gave two telephone numbers and he said someone would
call and helf. Dat was over a month ago. Liar.

I had paid for a one year subscription but received only several issues.

This publication is owned by Trusted Media Brands. Trust my eye!!!

Once they have your money, this clown posse does not care if they fulfill
their obligations or not. They cut expenses by getting rid of their telephone
numbers to the service center in Harlen, Iowa.

As you can see, Trusted [Rusted] Media Brands operates behind a firewall
limiting contact to email, which more than likely finds its way to the spam file.

Please stay away from ALL of Trusted Media Brands magazines. You can not
believe a thing they say.


3 years ago

Nice tips and instruction to use and learn from
easy to follow and good picture the video side not so much but recommend the E-mail subscriber part of it. 🙂


4 years ago

The site is full of home repair help and DIY projects/tips. The site has even helped me diagnose an issue with some common household items (most recently a leaky shower handle). This helps me figure out the next step and not wander into my local hardware store unaware.


4 years ago

Safe website about home decoration.


9 years ago

The site run some sort of Javascript that locks up the browser for 10-15 seconds. What could it be doing?

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