3 years ago

I saw the add on a pet website and contacted them and an email of [email聽protected] got back to me and made it seem super safe as they gave me an address to go view the kittens in person/said I could pay after I received the kitten. Seems pretty legit considering they gave me an address to go pick one out in person right? well when i couldnt go visit the address they said they "registered the kitten" for shipping and the registration company called me and asked if I had seen the confirmation email which had said to send a money gram to ship the kitten. I then preceded to google the number and it looks like others have had the exact same issue. When they called me back I said I was aware they are a scam and already reported them and they hung up on me. So didnt lose any money cause Im not stupid enough to trust anyone asking for a money gram and Im lucky for that but others might not be so lucky. hope these people get caught!

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