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We were sadly under the trust of a scammer. Asked to use Western union to transfer puppys fee, followed by another western union request by the airline for a "refundable insurance fee" followed by another email requesting money for an electric crate. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I am more heart broken that my children's hopes were so high, and now they do not have their puppy..


4 years ago

Looking for a puppy for my two children, I came across


they even had me fooled emailing me "tracking" and "flight" details for my puppy.

both scams!


4 years ago

My parents who are in their late 80's just lost their Yorkie suddenly last week. My father wanted my mother to find another on right away. My husband and I bought them their last two Yorkies since they are on a tight budget. My mother had commented that they are expensive, $2000 or more and she came across She called me last night and said that she could get "Molly" for $450 and free shipping to Texas. She forwarded the email correspondence between she and the contact with Familytcupyorkies and as I read it several "red flags" caught my attention. I viewed the website and found it odd that there was no contact name, phone number or address. I then did a Google search for puppy scams and before I found the exact scam (Familytcupyorkies) I found many that had similar contents (1) portraying to be a good Christians (such as my parents) by quoting JOHN 3:16, FOR GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD , THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM , SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE (2) promising free shipping via "SHIPPING COUPONS" and offering one of their "Coupons" from the two left for their puppy to be delivered to their door (3) Poor Grammar (4) in one email reffered to "her partner" and the other email "her husband"
Here is the correspondence between the two:

Hello once more,
Sounds good, my partner and i just went through your email and we feel very comfortable with your reply. We are willing to rehome Molly to your home and we are so pleased to know you have a yorkie before. We are currently located in Minnesota and since you live in Texas, we will have to ship your puppy to you at no additional cost ,We consider shipping as an option and this is because most often we find suitable homes for our puppies not located within a driving distance.

I can guess what question you have in mind right now, **Flying a Puppy: Is it safe? This question is often asked. Yes, it is a 100% safe and we certainly wouldn't consider it if it wasn't safe for our puppies and besides all our puppies shipped to their new owners since 2005 have always arrived their new owners in healthy conditions without exceptions.

The cost of shipping a puppy within USA ranges from $180 – $210 depending on your location but fortunately we currently have SHIPPING COUPONS within USA (except Hawaii) for free shipping and we are willing to offer one of our Coupons from the two left for your puppy to be delivered to you. As for the paper work and shipping process, it normally takes a couple of hours to complete, though sometimes it could take a little longer,how ever the whole process hardly exceeds one whole day. After payment we will meet the shipping agent and he is going to contact all airlines to find out which of them has the most direct flight to your location then he can book the flight.

Your puppy will come with a handbook that explains more on their life styles as well as feeding, and toilet habits, some vet record which is well explained in the hand book as well as a Puppy Care Kit which includes some helpful information, that should help you facilitate the transition process in your home. I'll advice you to get the following grooming tools within a month or two from now: Shampoo, Conditioner, Pin Brush, Nail Clippers, Ear/Pad Trimmer, Ear Lotion, Scissors. About food, I feed all my puppies. Wellness dog food, Grain-free or Purina One and NuVet Vitamin's that are excellent for them. I choose to feed with these because the are relatively modest and readily available across United States at most department or grocery stores. There are many opinions on which dog food to use. This is a decision only you can make, but keep in mind Purina has been making dog food for over 50 years and they do extensive research on nutrition and protein. Other dog foods may cost more but that doesn't necessarily means they are better.

So kindly get back to us with the following information required below so I can start with the adoption papers and delivery arrangements and please let me know if you prefer home delivery or you will like to pick-up your puppy from your closest airport to your home.

Names of recipient:

Tel #:

Closest airport to your home:

Home address :

Preferred hours for Pick-up of puppy from airport:

Soon as we have your full delivery information, i shall advice you on how you will be making the payment and once my husband confirms payment, i shall carry on with the paper works and shipping process for Molly immediately so she will be delivered to your home or closest airport to you as soon as possible within 24Hrs. .

Thanks and Yearning for your quick reply.

Stay Blessed


We have had 7 Yorkies

—–Original Message—–
From: Family Yorkies <[email protected]>
Subject: MOLLY


Thanks for the interest in our Yorkie puppies. Molly is still available and ready to go to a new home and all our puppies has been recently Vet-checked & 100% Healthy, de-wormed, on shots, house broken and will grow to be 2.5lbs – 3,0lbs at adult adult age. We offer one year health guarantee and also offer free life time support and advice for all customers especially first time dogs owners to insure your puppy is healthy and has a long life expectancy for the love and concern we have for all our litters and also recommend a constant update of all our puppies in their new homes to be sure they are well taken care of. We rehome both our male and female puppies for $450 each but firstly, We will appreciate you getting back to us with the answers to the following inquiries below before we proceed with the adoption process to be sure your house can make a good home for one of our puppies.

1. Are you a first time Yorkie or dog owner ? no

2. Where exactly are you located ? We are north of Houston

3. How soon are you expecting a new puppy at home ? anytime

4. Are you getting a puppy for your self or on behalf of someone else ? she will be our baby

5. Do you have current vet or know of one you can use in the nearest future ? Yes

6. Is your environment suitable and safe enough for a teacup puppy? Yes

7. Can you afford $450 and provide proper care for a puppy? Yes

We will also like to let you know that we do NOT place any of our puppies in homes that will practice unprofessional breeding for money making with little or no love and care giving to them. All our puppies are re-homed for PET PURPOSES ONLY. So as long as you can make us understand that you will share the love in your homes with these puppies, we will consider placing one or more of our puppies to your home.

Thanks and Yearning to read from you soon.

God bless you and your family.鈥?br />



4 years ago

My husband and I were very excited to adopt a puppy, we found this website, 鈥渇amilytcupyorkies.com鈥?and looked through their website which looked trustworthy, I emailed them asking for LUCY, they said that they had her available and asked some questions to see if I was able to have a teacup yorkie at home, they said they had two coupons for free shipping, they said that the cost of the puppy would be $450 total and that we had to do the payment through Western Union, once they had the payment, they would email us to set all the paperwork and give us the information about what time Lucy would arrive, the day that Lucy was supposed to arrive, I received an email from Family yorkies saying that Lucy was already at the airport ready to go to the new home, I was very excited waiting for the email to tell me what time she would arrive. Then I received and email from Super Shipping Transport telling me that Lucy was already at the airport, that they were very sorry that the person who sold me the puppy did not inform me about a 鈥渞efundable insurance fee鈥?that I had to pay. $962!!!!!!! That I had to do the payment through Western Union and that once Lucy arrived they would give that money back with all of the paperwork鈥?.That鈥檚 when the red flags popped out, I was very sad and trying to convince myself it was not a scam. As soon as I got that email I told my husband and email family yorkies, she took about 4 hours to replied (considering that before paying them the $450, they would reply within an hour) then, she replied saying that she didn鈥檛 know what had happened, that maybe I had asked for an insurance, that if I could keep her updated, I still had hoped, but later I emailed her to either give me my money back or send me Lucy at no extra cost, even my husband emailed her saying he had already put a criminal record, and nothing, they never replied. IT鈥橲 A SCAM PEOPLE!!! WE NEED TO STOP THEM!!!!!!


4 years ago

My family was looking to buy a teacup yorkie puppy, and were super excited to find that this website offered a perfect one for 50% off (so $450) which we thought was a great deal. They then sent us a list of questions to ask as to why we would be a good owner for the dog, which we constructed a very heartfelt response to, even including pictures of our current dog with our children. They told us they'd chosen us for Lucy and began arranging payment. After paying the $450 (through Western Union which is nonrefundable!!!), they told us she'd be shipping within 24 hours to our nearest airport, and we were thrilled. After not hearing anything by early afternoon that next day, I emailed them asking for specific flight info and times, only to be told she was waiting at the airport until we payed an additional $762 (WHICH WE HAD NOT BEEN INFORMED OF BEFORE). They said this was a refundable insurance payment that we'd get back once we had the dog. We again paid through Western Union, and asked for her arrival time. We did not receive any communication from them, which began to worry us. Then, we got the email where we realized it was a scam- The supposed shipping company emailed us to say Lucy needed a specific climate controlled kennel to travel in and asked for additional money for that. We forwarded that to the "breeder" who said she trusted the shipping company with her life, and that we were on the right path to receiving our "baby". We did not send that money, as now we were worried sick that this little puppy we had been SO excited for and had prepared our home for, did not even exist. We called Western Union in hopes of a refund (you can get one if the receiver hasn't picked up their money yet), but of course they already had it and thus we were now out over $1,000 to these cruel people. We are filing reports on as many sites like this as we can, as well as an internet crime report through the FBI, and a report to our local police. These awful people need to be stopped!! DO NOT trust a puppy breeder who exhibits these behaviors: Does not give a name or phone number, only email. Has very poor spelling and grammar in their communication with you. Sends questions asking about you and your family. Uses bible verses or inspirational quotes. IF IT FEELS SKETCHY IT PROBABLY IS!


4 years ago

Found Family Teacup Yorkies on the Internet and it seemed like a good price. The website looked good and showed available puppies. Once I sent the email ordering a puppy named Molly, they had me send $470.00 for the dog through Western Union and have it sent to Laurence Ndonge in Dallas, TX. which I did. I got notification the next morning that the puppy would be shipped via air that day. Shortly after I received an email from Super Shipping Transport and they requested $762 for insurance for the dog, but it would be refunded when the agent delivered the puppy. We were to send this to Penny Napp at the transportation company. So I looked on line for a website for this company and the had all the info, so again I thought it was ok. I tried calling and it said their lines were busy leave a message, so I did. I didn't hear from them, Shortly after, the transportation company emailed me and said they received the money and said that the puppy would be delivered by that afternoon. Shortly after I get contacted by the transportation company again by email. They said that to ship the dog to Florida they needed an electronic temperature regulated crate. It would cost us $620, but would be refunded by the agent when she delivered the puppy. I emailed the breeder telling her I had no idea that this would happen and she assured me it was for the safety of the puppy. I then emailed the transportation and the breeder that the puppy would have to go back to the breeder. I got silence and no response That's when the red flags went up (finally) andThat's when the red flags went up (finally) and company and the puppy would be to me within two hours. I looked on the Internet and didn't see anything as a problem with Family Teacup Yorkies, but I then looked under puppy scams and here it was. My husband and I were devastated and upset because we really didn't have all that money, but thought we were getting it back. The shipping company and Family Teacup Yorkies are both a scam.

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