4 years ago

We moved back to my husbands home town, here in Jacksonville. Upon arriving, we messed up our shifter cable and we needed a motor mount (dog bone) put in our car. My husband, being a veteran got help from a agency that helps veterans and their families to pay for the parts. We get it back, motor is still jumping around. My husband asked them about this, they said it was the other mount going bad, but we should be fine for now. This was a few months ago.
Took it back because the motor mount was getting worst, found out the mount we asked to be worked on was never replaced, they had put the other one in, tech messed up she said. The secretary told us to pay half the bill. Why should we have to being it was their mess up? They took a whole hour, it was being looked over in one area, to tell us they replaced the wrong one. So, basically, they defrauded or tried to defraud the government. We told them we were getting ahold of the agency that helped us. No calls for 3 days, my husband calls New Bern location and finally gets ahold of owner after 2 more days.
They find that the tech actually changed the wrong part and they couldn't get the other part that was changed off ( why were they trying to change that part again, I don't know). My husband noticed there was all new staff that day. They corrected that problem for free, since it was on them that they didn't do it right the first time. Then they said we needed all our fluids changed. We had the fluids rechecked by another garage, they said the fluids were fine.
Next, we were going down the road and car won't work. Had it towed to this garage again. They took not too long, seems they knew where to look, to diagnose that it needs a new fuel pump. We told them not to change it, that we weren't sure when we would have the money to repair it. We asked them if the car would be in their parking lot for a couple weeks while we try to get the money up. We get a call saying our car is done. Ummm, we never said to work on it. We were actually going to try to get another opinion. Trying to get ahold of the owner once again.
It seems that everytime my car goes into this place, something else ends up going bad shortly after. And they do things you don't give them permission to do. I really don't think they know what they are doing.

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