11 months ago

20% so-called 'real followers' start dropping out within 24 hrs despite these clearly indicated that 'ARE' fake users: why? [zero posts/ zero followers/ zero following]

0% of story views purchased was applied & when asked 10times in the email I was told ' the order is completed' like a robot over the time, despite the order showed 80% completed

5 days after and I still dont have the views
I have some followers numbers up & lets see how this plays up but no story views I paid for, 1000 precisely.



1 year ago

They have been providing great service at a very reasonable price and that too with great customer service. Thank you Famoid.


1 year ago

Please don't buy follor for instagram with this website it's just a fraud!! Somebody contact the police like me please!!! This people must go in prison!!!


1 year ago

Fraudulent company. Their reviews are fake. I have 13 emails back and forth from them stating they will deliver. They do not. They take your money and give excuses why they can鈥檛 fill the order. I have them a lot of chances to make it right before writing this.

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