1 year ago

Great site,great prices.


3 years ago

On their website there is a link on the top left corner to sign up for emails and receive a 10% discount. I did this and I received an email with a link to shop, noting that the 10% discount would be applied upon checkout. Well, it's not working. After calling the help number (1-866-760-0424) and spending a half hour on the phone with a very nice, but very clueless representative, there was no resolve. She even admitted that she tried signing up and clicking the link to see if she could get it to work on her end; she couldn't. The best she could offer is that I place my order, call back, and I would be given a 10% refund. Well, I am not going to rely on the verbal promise of a refund AFTER I place an order. Plus, I'm not going to go through the process to have to call back and stay on the phone for ANOTHER half an hour for 10%. Ridiculous. Don't sign up for their emails. Shop elsewhere.

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